2013-02-27: How you choose the right level of quality for your non-functional requirements - the QUPER model

When: 2013-02-27 at 09:00-10:00

Presenters:  Richard Berntsson Svensson

Where: E:1406, E-house, LTH

In a competitive open market, it is important to set the right quality target in relation to future market demands and competitors’ products, which has been identified as a direct need in industry. But, when is the quality level a competitive advantage? Would significantly better performance be just slightly more expensive to implement? When dealing with performance, usability, reliability, and so on, you often end up in difficult trade-off analysis.

In this LUCAS seminar, we will present the quality performance model that was developed in response to the identified industrial need. The purpose of the model is to provide concepts for qualitative reasoning of quality levels in the decision-making of setting actual targets of quality requirements for coming releases of the product. We also present how the quality performance model has been transferred from academia into industrial practice in three companies form three different domains in three countries.


Read more: http://www.quper.org

Sidansvarig: Jonas.Wisbrant@cs.lth.se | 2015-11-06