2011-04-20 Simulation of Systems Development Processes - Why, What and How?

When: 2011-04-20 09.00

Where: LTH, E-huset, E:2116

Speaker: Dietmar Pfal, SERG, Dept. of Computer Science

Simulation is a widely used technique in many engineering disciplines.
In the first part of this talk, I briefly motivate why process
simulation might be useful in the context of software development. In
the second part, I present an application example of process
simulation in the context of software release planning. Despite the
steadily growing number of related research publications, software
process simulation hasn't become a common practice in software
industry - not even in industrial software process improvement
initiatives. One reason for this seems to be the high cost of
developing and maintaining process simulators that reflect the actual
software development processes in a company. Therefore, in the third
part of this talk, I briefly present initial attempts of creating
reusable components that can be combined and customized at low cost by
companies wishing to simulate their development processes. The talk
concludes with a brief outlook on some areas of future work in
software process simulation.

Sidansvarig: Jonas.Wisbrant@cs.lth.se | 2015-11-06