2010-05-19 Constraint Programming in Embedded System Design

Krzysztof Kuchcinski presents Constraint Programming in Embedded System Design 

Constraint programming (CP) is a rather new programming paradigm where relations between variables are stated by constraints. The stated constraints are then explored and solutions to these constraints are found. This programming paradigm makes it possible to find solutions satisfying all constraints or an optimal solution. In this talk, we will first briefly introduce CP over finite domain and then concentrate on how we can define and solve design problems found in the area of embedded system. We will also introduce global and graph constraints specially developed for this application domain. The discussion will be illustrated with examples solved by our constraint programming solver JaCoP (Java Constraint Programming library, http://www.jacop.eu).


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Sidansvarig: Jonas.Wisbrant@cs.lth.se | 2015-11-06