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Research Communication: Understanding media and journalism

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Photo Credit: Aleksandar Georgiev (iStock Photo)
Tid: 2023-01-26 09:00 till 12:00 Seminarium

Why should I communicate my research? Do I really need to talk to the media? Instinctually, many have this fear of speaking with journalists - the voice in your head saying, "What do I say, how do I say it, will anyone listen?". In this workshop, we'll step inside the newsroom and discuss how journalism works, what to think about when interacting with the media, and why you should take the chance to do it! You'll also get other handy tips on how to communicate your research in different ways and make a plan to do so.

Whether it's attracting media interest or responding to media requests, this workshop aims to give you skills that will help you to feel comfortable and confident when speaking to journalists. You will learn how journalism works, what defines a news story, why your pitch or angle matters, what makes a good quote, and who decides on the headline. You will also have the opportunity to experiment with pitching your own research in a journalistic way.

In this workshop, we will work with the following:

Understanding research communication

  • Motivation for communicating research
  • Pathways for communicating research (e.g. press release, social media, event, policy brief, podcast)
  • Aspects of the communication plan (e.g. goals, audience, target group, channels)

Learning about the media

  • Exploring the various forms of media to target with your message
  • In the head of a journalist – how does media and journalism work?
  • Practical tips and advice when interacting with media

Crafting your pitch

  • Sharing techniques to frame your message
  • Discussing various approaches for video, radio, print, and podcasting

This workshop is open to all early-career researchers at Lund University (i.e. Postdoc, Assistant Lecturer, PhD), as well as researchers from the Agenda 2030 Postdoc Excellence Programme, CEC, BECC, LU Land, and MERGE. Spaces are limited to 40 participants. The onsite workshop will be in English.

Registration is now closed.

For late registration, contact Steven Curtis (steven.curtis@cec.lu.se).


The workshop will take place at Kårhuset (LTH) in Lund, easily accessible by bike, bus, or tram. The entrance is located at John Ericssons väg 3. The room Kårhuset Hollywood is at the top of the stairs when you enter from the main entrance. Signage will be visible. Arrive as soon as 8:45 for coffee and tea.

Get directions to the venue - maps.google.com 

Facilitator & Organizer

The workshop will be facilitated by Anna Maria Erling, Communication Manager at the Centre for Environmental and Climact Science (CEC). Anna Maria has experience as a journalist and news reporter on radio, television, and newspaper in Sweden and Finland. She also has significant editorial experience with major magazines in Sweden. Now, she supports and trains researchers at Lund University to communicate their research results. Anna Maria will be joined by other experts on communication planning and early career researchers with experience in research communication.

Learn more about Anna Maria Erling - cec.lu.se 

The workshop(s) are hosted by the Sustainability Forum and the Centre for Environment and Climate Science (CEC) at Lund University as part of the Agenda 2030 Excellence Programme for Sustainable Development.

Excellence Programme for Sustainable Development - lu.se
Centre for Environmental and Climate Science (CEC) - lu.se
Sustainability Forum - lu.se

Om händelsen
Tid: 2023-01-26 09:00 till 12:00

Kårhuset Hollywood (John Ericssons väg 3)

steven [dot] curtis [at] cec [dot] lu [dot] se

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