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Materials & Manufacturing seminar: AI for materials discovery

Tid: 2023-12-04 08:30 till 15:15 Seminarium

NanoLund together with the Nanoscience and Semiconductor Technology profile area at LTH invites you to a one-day seminar on the use of AI, machine learning and data mining for materials – and conversely what materials development is needed to provide efficient hardware for AI. We have four invited speakers presenting how these techniques can help us discover new materials in silico for a wide range of applications. We will also have local presenters from NanoLund giving their perspective on where AI could augment ongoing materials research in Lund, and the latest developments in materials for AI hardware.

Lunch and coffee will be served for those registered latest 17/11.


8.30       Coffee + sandwich

9.00       Welcome by Martin Ek

9.15       Rickard Armiento (Linköping University): AI/ML in materials science: Screening the unexplored crystal prototype space

10.00     Alena Vishina (Uppsala University)

10.45     Break

11.00     Local presenters - examples of where we at NanoLund anticipate a role for AI/ML

Mattias Borg (Electrical and Information Technology): Analog computing in memory – towards sustainable AI

Knut Deppert (Physics): Nanoparticles (TBD)

Vanya Darakchieva (Physics): Semiconductor materials (TBD)

Maning Liu (Chemistry): Halide Perovskite and Perovskite-Inspired Nanomaterials for Diverse Light Energy-Converting Applications

Filip Lenrick (Mechanical Engineering Sciences): Metal processing by chemical vapors  

12.15     Lunch

13.15    Kristian Thygesen (Technical University of Denmark): Data-driven material design of thin film and 2D semiconductors

14.00    Tomas Olsson (RISE Swedish Institute of Computer Science): Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications for Smart Industrial Automation

14.30     Coffee and discussion with presenters

15.00     Concluding remarks by Vanya Darakchieva

15.15     End

Om händelsen
Tid: 2023-12-04 08:30 till 15:15

LINXS, Scheelevägen 19, Lund.

martin [dot] ek_rosen [at] chem [dot] lu [dot] se