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Key crossroads for the digital development

The science week entitled “The Digital Society”, 24–30 April, aims at creating interaction between digital technology and different aspects of society. The public is invited to an exciting week to discuss where technology is headed, how it affects us and how we can control its development.

– Publicerad den 22 april 2017

Although digital technology is still under major development, it already has a firm grip on society. Many researchers at Lund University have a digital perspective, through their extensive work on technological innovations or their studies of the societal impact of digitisation. The digital society science week aims to capture the breadth and hopefully also stir things up.

Download the program for science week The Digital Society.

"We are in the midst of change, but we still have some choices to make. There are many examples of technologies that have been developed without any regard for the community for which it was intended. And vice versa – researchers are often reactive and simply state the outcome. Here we have an opportunity to work more proactively to build the society and the technology that we want", says Per Runeson, professor of computer science at LTH.


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The Digital Society Symposium is a two-day symposium, April 24-25, that addresses the digital society from a number of perspectives through its four invited international guest and 16 scholars from Lund University.

Students, scholars and participants from all parts of society will attend the symposium in the Lund City Hall, and we are proud to announce that the conference involves four invited plenary speakers of particular excellence: 

  • Professor Lawrence Lessig, Harvard University: How digital has destroyed democracy — and what we can do to recover it
  • Professor José van Dijck, University of Amsterdam: Who governs the platform society? Embattling public values in a connective World
  • Professor Hu Yong, Peking University: The Internet in China: The Same, but Different
  • Professor Danica Kragic, Royal Institute of Technology, KTH: Man and Machine - the Challenge of Collaboration.