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LTH AEROSOLS seminar: Nanoparticle Emissions from the Transport Sector by Ulf Olofsson

Roads with traffic
Tid: 2023-11-20 13:15 till 14:15 Seminarium

Particles on the nanometer scale are generated in emissions from shipping, road and rail transport as well as aviation. This project aims to monitor and sample these particles with state-of-the-art instruments.

Ulf Olofsson, professor at the Department of Engineering Design, KTH, will give a seminar about the nPETS (nanoparticle Emissions from the Transport Sector) project. 

The nPETS project aims to monitor and sample, with state-of-the-art particle instruments, the sub 100 nm generated emissions from shipping, road and rail transport as well as aviation both in the field and in controlled laboratory environments. Aged and fresh aerosols have been considered, including primary and secondary volatile and non-volatile components. Characterisation of the emissions includes linking their sizes, chemical compositions, and morphologies to the specific emission sources such as engines and wear components (e.g., brakes, clutches, and tyres). The characterisation also includes toxicity studies based on sampled particles from filters, in situ cell exposure, with Air Liquid Interface (ALI) systems and a zebrafish embryo model.

Lab-generated nanoparticles show that both exhaust and non-exhaust sub-100 nm particles have clear DNA damage potential.
Based on the detailed chemical and toxicological characterisation from both laboratory and field studies, sources scores of potential toxicity will be developed and used together with epidemiological studies on exposure response relationships to assess the impacts on public health in the project’s core cities. This work has just been initiated at this stage of the project.

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Tid: 2023-11-20 13:15 till 14:15


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