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LTH's Pedagogical Inspiration Conference

LTH's Pedagogical Inspiration Conference is a conference organised regularly to increase the opportunities for collaboration and exchange of pedagogical experiences between teachers. The event is organised by the Academic Development Unit at CEE, and the first conference took place in 2003. 

Based on the great interest manifested in LTH's Pedagogical Inspiration Conference, Lund University has decided to arrange a university-wide development conference every second year. Therefore, LTH's conference is now arranged only every other year, so that the two conferences are not arranged during the same year. Next LTH conference is planned to take place in December 2023.

Last conference

LTH's 11th Pedagogical Inspiration Conference took place 9 December 2021:

Proceedings from all conferences

Individual conference pages

The pages contain programs, proceedings, etc (in Swedish):

Contact information

Åsa Ahnfelt


Roy Andersson


Current conferences

EuroSoTL2022 16-17 June 2022 in Manchester, England

Lund University's Conference on Teaching and Learning 

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