Courses in Industrial Design

Admission requirements

Only students enrolled at an Industrial Design program at their home university can apply for courses at the School of Industrial Design at LTH. In the application process, you are required to submit the following documents: a transcript of records, a list of ongoing courses (if it is not stated in the transcript of records), a digital portfolio, a statement of purpose, and your CV (see below).

Required application documents

As an applicant for exchange studies at the School of Industrial Design, you are required to submit specific documents that demonstrate that you have the necessary qualifications to benefit from the exchange period.

To apply you must submit the following documents.

  1. A first page where you state:
    • which semester you are planning to study at the School of Industrial Design, Lund University.
    • which semester of industrial design studies you would be studying at your home university if you were not to go on exchange.
    • which courses you want to take at Lund University.
  2. A digital portfolio where you present your design work. If a group work is presented, indicate clearly the role that you played in the project. If professional work is presented, indicate clearly your contribution to the project. The digital portfolio must be submitted as a PDF file not larger than 10 MB.
  3. The statement of purpose (one page maximum), describing in detail your motivations for applying.
  4. Your CV. Be sure to include your contact information in the CV.

Please assemble all the documents in one PDF file. If you must send more than one file, add a sequence number before the ".pdf" extension.

Important information for your application

  • You may not combine courses from different semesters. Exchange students at the School of Industrial Design must follow one course package (semester) in the ordinary BA or MA programme. It is not possible to freely combine courses from different course packages since it will cause clashes in the schedule.
  • The students admitted to exchange studies will automatically be offered courses belonging to the course package (semester) within the Industrial Design program in which they will be placed after the portfolio screening.
  • Full-time studies at Lund University correspond to 30 credits per semester. The study plan must be done for 30 credits per semester and you are responsible for ensuring that the courses can be accredited at the home university.
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