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Centre for Engineering Education (CEE)

Centre for Engineering Education (CEE) brings together LTH's common pedagogical activities within two different areas: 

  • Academic development work, competence development, merit and management support (the Academic Development Unit) 
  • Support and courses for doctoral students and research supervisors, as well as professors and researchers at earlier stages in their career 

We work together with LTH's professors, departments, programmes and management functions, as well as colleagues from other departments of Lund University and internationally. As an institution, we are critically reviewed and built upon scientific basis.

CEE is governed by a board and has a director responsible for operative activities. The CEE Board is composed of academics from LTH and other areas of Lund University, as well as student representatives. The Director of CEE reports directly to the Dean of LTH, while administrative functions are provided by the Faculty Office.

Our strategy for academic development

YouTube video about strategies for academic development

YouTube video about educational research

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Current activities

Voice Workshop

As a much appreciated complement to our ordinary courses we regularly arrange a voice workshop, held by Inger Ohlén. Click the application link below for some further information. The workshop is also a part of the course Communicating Research.

This Autumn the workshop will take place 20/11 - Apply here!

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