New student

Four things to have in mind if you are a new student wanting to use the library:

1. A library card

  • As a student you use your LU card as a library card. To be able to do this, you need to register your card and then come visit us at the library helpdesk to activate it as a library card. Please bring your personal ID.
  • The library card is valid at all libraries at Lund University. In the common library catalogue LUBcat you get information about which library has the books you are looking for. Through the catalogue, you can also request books, using your library card.

More information on the LU-card on the Lu-card webpage


2. Course books

  • Course books for courses at LTH are foremost found at LTH Study Centre, but also at the library at A-huset and in some cases even at some of the other libraries at LTH. Use the library catalogue LUBcat to search for books and see on which shelf you find them, or to join a waiting list if someone else has already borrowed the book you are looking for.
  • Loan periods on course books are 14 days.

Search for books and view your loans at LUBcat, the library catalogue

More information about course books

3. Borrow and return books

You can borrow books directly at the library that holds them or request them to any other library within Lund University. Thanks to our transport service you can both pick up requested books and return them at any library. 


4. Reading and writing support

If you need any reading and writing support, we can help you with adapted literature.

Read more at our site Reading and Writing Support

Two students using a phone together in a library. Photo Johan Bävman.

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