Academic staff

Anders Ahlberg, associate professor

I´m a Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor and an ETP at CEE. I engage in educational development, mainly in support of doctoral education and supervision. This includes provision of a faculty-wide PhD course program, supervision training for current and future professors, and an active role as Faculty study director at the Research Programmes Board of LTH. My strategy is to create local educational knowledge that informs graduate school decision- and policy making. I also have a background as an earth scientist, doing research, teaching and supervision for more than two decades. It is therefore probably not surprising that my main educational interests include field-based learning, lab learning and other authentic active learning activities. Aside my work at LTH, I am enrolled as an Associate Professor in iEarth, a Norwegian academic consortium that researches and develops Earth Science education.

Phone: +46 46 222 71 55+46 761 368 290

Anna Axelsson, lecturer

I am lecturer at the Department of Computer Science. Since September 2019, I am also working as an Academic Developer at CEE. I am a member of LTH's Pedagogical Academy since 2006. My main interests are active learning and techniques that promote this, such as peer review and gamification.

Phone: +46 46 222 98 12

Christin Lindholm, associate professor

I am associate professor at the department of Computer Science, Education program leader for the Bachelor programmes of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering with Automation, as well as Excellent Teaching Practitioner. I have a special interest in quality management and I am involved in LTH´s quality management system and CEE's educational support. I teach courses in requirement engineering and software development and my research interest lies in the field of development quality, mainly within software, risk management and usability. I am especially passionate about software risk management and usability within medical devices. 

Phone: +46 42 35 67 46

Daniel Hellström, associate professor

I am an associate professor of Packaging Logistics, and since 2019 a part-time pedagogical consultant at CEE. As co-director of LTH Career Academy, I am devoted to support and ensure newly appointed associate senior lecturers to fulfil their potential as academic professionals. I have a genuine interest in pedagogic and professional development. Previously, I was programme director at Lund University for the Erasmus + Joint European Master Programme: Food Innovation and Product Design (FIPDes). I was awarded ETP in 2010.

Phone: +46 46 222 72 30

Hanna Isaksson, professor

I am a professor in Biomedical Engineering, and since 2018 I am co-responsible for developing and running LTH Career Academy, which is a career development programme for recently appointed associate senior lecturers at LTH. My research focus on questions related to biomechanics and mechanobiology of skeletal tissues, bone, cartilage and tendons, where I combine experimental tissue characterization with computational model development to study tissues in health and disease, and during regeneration. I have a broad interest in career development and academic leadership. I teach biomechanics.

Phone: +46 46 222 17 49

Håkan Linder, lecturer

I am mainly working with the Pre-University Course in Technical Sciences where I am lecturing in all mathematics courses. I am also the one in charge of the administrative aspects of the program due to my role as a program coordinator. In addition to this, I am sometimes also lecturing in other mathematics courses at LTH's engineering programme. I am mainly working at LTH in Helsingborg.

Phone: +46 737 412 229

Jennifer Löfgreen, lecturer

I am an academic developer with a background in chemistry (Ph.D., 2013) and special interests in communication in science and engineering and in how doctoral students in the STEM fields develop as university teachers. I teach courses in higher education pedagogy, stage performance, academic writing, and oral presentation skills. I also collaborate with engineering faculty to better integrate communication instruction and feedback into undergraduate engineering courses. 

Phone: +46 46 222 04 48 

Joakim Malm, associate professor

I am associate professor with a background in water resources engineering. Nowadays most of my time is devoted to Supplemental Instruction (SI). SI is a peer learning program that is well established internationally. I am the head of the SI program at the school of engineering at Lund University, as well as a certified trainer in SI working at the European Centre for SI-PASS (located at Lund University), see SI can shortly be described as a study group led by a senior student, working as a facilitator. 

Phone: +46 46 222 75 71

Jonas Månsson, associate professor

Since 2003 I work as an associate professor of mathematics at the Center for Mathematical Sciences, and starting in 2017 I also have a part-time role as a pedagogical consultant at the Center for Engineering Education. My main interests are related to the use of technology in teaching and learning, in particular the use of video as a learning tool. I also develop course material, mainly textbooks, in mathematics. I was awarded status as Excellent Teaching Practitioner in 2014.

Phone: +46 46 222 05 38

Katja Eftring, Amanuensis

I am a student at the Environmental Engineering programme at LTH. I am in my fourth year and my specialisation is in Water Resource Engineering. I have done a lot of work for the student union at LTH, most recently as the Head of Internal Educational Affairs. I have quite a lot of experience with student representation and course evaluations from the student perspective. My role at CEE is as amanuensis and I am currently working on a study about the CEQ-meetings at LTH.


Kristina Nilsson, senior lecturer

I am a senior lecturer at the department of Mechanical Engineering at LTH and I have experience from teaching basic courses attended by first year students in large classes as well as teaching advanced courses for final year students and PhD-students in small groups. I have been teaching courses at the engineering programmes: Engineering Physics, Engineering Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Engineering and Management.
As an academic developer, I arrange workshops and seminars related to ethics teaching for engineers, supporting teachers who want to work more on this subject. I also have a long time experience from working with local pedagogical publications and conferences, supporting teachers in their efforts to share their pedagogic experience and pedagogical research findings with colleagues.
I have a background as senior lecturer at Vattenhallen Science Center where I presented experiments to visitors and worked with specific thematic events. For many years now, I have been engaged as a representative for the labour union SACO-S at Lund University. I support individual members and represent SACO-S in several boards and committees.

Phone: +46 46 222 34 55

Lene Nordrum, associate professor

I am lecturer in English, English for specific Purposes at Centre for Languages and Literature at Lund University. I am in charge of most of the Academic Writing courses in doctoral programs at LTH and conduct research in the field of writing pedagogy and functional linguistics. Before I came to Lund University, I worked with similar issues at Chalmers Technical University. 

Phone: +46 46 222 75 59

Per Warfvinge, professor

I am a professor of Chemical Engineering, and have had the privilege to act as Director of CEE since the center was formed in 2016. During my career at LTH, I have had several roles at the faculty level, including being Assistant Dean for Education and/or International relations between 2001-2017. I have a broad interest in pedagogic issues, including international and intercultural learning outcomes, quality assurance and digital tools in teaching and learning. I teach environmental, chemical and biotech engineers, and I was awarded ETP in 2010.

Phone: +46 708 76 36 26

Roy Andersson, associate professor

I am an Associate Professor and work both as an Academic Developer at the Centre for Engineering Education and as a teacher at the Department of Computer Science. I have been working as an Academic Developer since 1998 and my main interest is in supporting academics to investigate their practice in a scholarly way, in other words supporting Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). I am responsible for the program of pedagogical courses for university teachers at LTH and teach in several courses myself and am a member of the Pedagogical Academy at LTH since 2002. Since 2015, I also hold a part-time position as Associate Guest Professor at the Centre for Excellence in Biology Education (bioCEED) at the University of Bergen.

Phone: +46 46 222 49 07

Sandra Nilsson, lecturer

I am lecturer in Computer Science, part time education developer at CEE and Excellent Teaching Practitioner. My special interests are within assessment, evaluation, threshold concepts and cognitive processes - with special focus on how students learn and how active teaching and minimization of stereotypes threats can enhance learning. At CEE, I am co-responsible for the course Active Teaching and Learning and at Computer Science, I teach fundamental programming for different programs at LTH.

Phone: +46 46 222 03 68

Thomas Olsson, associate professor

I am an Associate Professor of Engineering Education and hold a PhD in Chemical Engineering. My work is mainly focusing on systems for rewarding excellent teaching, pedagogical aspects of tenure and promotion, as well as research projects in relation to excellence in teaching and learning. I have been holding  workshops, seminars and keynotes about excellence in university teaching, both nationally and internationally, and I have been acting as a pedagogical expert at numerous appointments and promotions of academic teachers at different universities. I am actively involved in research on excellence in teaching and learning with partners from other countries, most notably South Africa.

Phone: +46 46 222 76 90

Torgny Roxå, associate professor

I have done academic development for more than 30 years. I teach pedagogical courses for academic teachers, I consult leaders and teachers, and I supervise doctoral students. My research deals mainly with development of teaching within higher education organisations. Hereby the focus is on the meso level, that is, on workgroups, disciplinary communities, and departments. The idea is that through sociocultural processes these groups of academics stabilise the organisations and makes it resilient, with positive as well as negative implications. I also engage in the development of the profession, academic development, both nationally and internationally. Over the years I have been external examiner at Oxford University and visiting professor at Ulster University and at McMaster University. I also served for three years as Vice president within the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

Phone: +46 706 57 28 32

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