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LTH Career Academy

LTH Career Programme enables newly appointed associate senior lecturers to take a structured approach to their professional as well as personal development. Career Academy is organised in two parts: a one-year seminar series and a one-year mentorship programme. Participants also get an introduction to their possibilities to take part in courses on pedagogy and leadership and the creating of networks, all of which contributes to the participants’ advancement to senior lecturers. The programme also provides an excellent foundation for a continuing academic career, as the participants strive for research and teaching excellence, innovation, and impact. Enabling newly appointed associate senior lecturers at LTH to fulfil their potential as professionals will contribute to achieving LTH’s strategic aims.

Strategic plan LTH (pdf 7,72 MB)

1 - Exclusive seminar series

During the seminar series there is an emphasis on Lund University and LTH awareness, different career paths as a researcher and a teacher, teamwork, communication, and leadership. The format is based on monthly one-day seminars with inspirational guest speakers, and a start-up and closing two-day overnight seminar at another location. Halfway through the programme there is also a two-day overnight seminar focusing on leadership. This set-up will enable participants to expand their network and develop their academic career plans.

Commitment requirements

To successfully complete the seminar series, we expect active participation and engagement with at least 80% attendance. In addition to the start-up, mid-term, and closing two-day overnight seminars, participants are expected to attend the monthly, one-day sessions (8.30-16.30). Upon completion, participants will receive a well-deserved certificate.

2 - Mentorship programme

After completing the seminar series, participants are offered to attend a mentorship programme. The goal is to provide a forum for a bilateral giving and taking of knowledge and experience between the less experienced colleague who is participating in the LTH Career Academy Programme (mentee), and a more experienced colleague (mentor). In other words, the mentorship involves a dialogue and a meeting where the mentee and mentor share their experiences, talk about and analyse them to be able to view them in new ways. This is how the mentorship programme will increase the contact network for the mentees and at the same time integrate long experience with new ideas. To be an active part of the mentorship programme will further deepen the career planning, personal development and learning that came about during the seminar series.

The mentor and the mentee are expected to meet about once a month during one academic year, a total of eight to ten times. It could be a good idea to meet more often in the beginning to get to know each other and to feel that you have a fruitful dialogue. More information will be given during the programme.

About LTH Career Academy

LTH supports your career development. Everyone's career path looks different - find out what pathway suits you best by joining LTH Career Academy.
Here, you will gain new knowledge and meet interesting people who will help you along the way.

Career Academy Team:

Sara Ek

Johan Mauritsson


The LTH Career Academy Programme is held in English and is open to all newly appointed associate senior lecturers (or the equivalent) in all subject areas at the Faculty of Engineering LTH.

The application should include a two-page CV and a 300-word supporting statement detailing why you wish to participate in the programme. Next round of the programme will start in January 2025 and we would like your application before November 30. Send your application to: 

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