Honorary Doctorates

The doctoral award ceremony is the major annual academic ceremony at which the University's faculties award and honour those who have completed a doctorate degree during the year. At the same time, other prominent individuals who are appointed honorary doctors are honoured. The new doctors are honoured with external signs of the doctoral dignity: diploma, ring, hat or laurel wreath – the insignia of the doctorate.

Through honorary doctoral appointments, LTH wants to strengthen the image of LTH as a prominent, modern and professional university that creates – to benefit the world. To be awarded an honorary doctorate from LTH is proof of great appreciation. It is not possible to be conferred an honorary doctorate from LTH if you already have a doctorate from Lund University.

Honorary Doctorates 2021

Kerstin Lindell

Kerstin Lindell has been working at Bona AB since 2006 and is Chairman of the Board. Bona is a global company in the flooring industry and one of Sweden's few remaining polymer-producing companies. Since 2020, Kerstin Lindell has also been chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Sweden.

Johan Wester

Johan Wester has a long career as a comedian, actor, and host of shows and events behind him. He is also very involved in issues concerning the future and the role of science. He runs the company Skånemotor, which is a relationship generator, idea workshop and project engine which creates both business opportunities and benefits to society.

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