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Honorary Doctorates

The doctoral award ceremony is the major annual academic ceremony at which the University's faculties award and honour those who have completed a doctorate degree during the year. At the same time, other prominent individuals who are appointed honorary doctors are honoured. The new doctors are honoured with external signs of the doctoral dignity: diploma, ring, hat or laurel wreath – the insignia of the doctorate.

Through honorary doctoral appointments, LTH wants to strengthen the image of LTH as a prominent, modern and professional university that creates – to benefit the world. To be awarded an honorary doctorate from LTH is proof of great appreciation. It is not possible to be conferred an honorary doctorate from LTH if you already have a doctorate from Lund University.

Honorary Doctorates 2022

Dana Cuff

Dana Cuff is a professor and researcher in urban architecture at the University of California, Los Angeles, where she also founded and directs a think tank for architecture and urban research focusing on the 21st century world metropolis and how this can evolve towards more sustainable and equitable living environments. Dana Cuff has held the Lise Meitner Professorship at LTH, been an advisor at the Royal Swedish Academy, a visiting professor at Chalmers University of Technology and has received both research and teaching awards.

John C. Doyle

John C. Doyle is a professor and researcher at the California Institute of Technology with a focus on dynamic control systems. He is the author of leading textbooks and his contributions for LTH have included numerous visits, seminars and courses in Lund. John C. Doyle has also enabled an active exchange of researchers between the California Institute of Technology and LTH. About a dozen of the doctoral students from Automatic Control at LTH have been on doctoral exchanges with Doyle, and almost as many of Doyle's doctoral students have been guest researchers in Lund. Several of the former doctoral students are now professors at different internationally universities.

Nils Hannerz

Nils Hannerz is Head of Research and Innovation at IKEM (Innovation and Chemical Industries in Sweden). Nils Hannerz has promoted LTH's positions in circular and bio-based economy and nanotechnology. He is involved in the advisory board of LUBIRC (Lund University Biobased Industry Center) and contributes to strengthening applications, activities and collaborations, including in SwedNanoTech, SusChem and the reference group for industrial use of MAX IV and ESS. 

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