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Honorary Doctorates

Honorary Doctors 2023

Ulla Vogel

Ulla Vogel is head of Nanotoxicology and Occupational Hygiene at the National Research Centre for Occupational Health and Safety in Copenhagen. She also has several ongoing projects with LTH from the past and has also been Scientific Advisor for NanoLund since 2017. The decision also states that she is "a role model in taking basic and applied research to societal impact and improved legislation" and that she will be a very good ambassador for LTH. 

Ikhlaq Sidhu 

Ikhlaq Sidhu is Dean of the School of Science and Technology, IE University in Madrid. He has previously started the University of California Berkley's Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology. He has several previous collaborations with LTH and LTH has a program based on his work on "entrepreneurial mindset". The decision also emphasizes that he can contribute to the development of LTH's innovation capacity and that he has a strong international network of contacts.

Yasemin Arhan Modéer 

Yasemin Arhan Modéer is CEO of Altitude Meetings and also, among other things, Chairman of the Board of ChildFund Sweden. She has a strong commitment to linking societal needs to expertise in academia and is passionate about sustainability and bringing different actors together to solve climate and health problems. She also works closely with MAX IV and ESS and contributes to the development of the Science Village through The Loop. The decision also states that she can contribute to highlighting LTH's work with sustainability and climate issues as well as the dialogue with industry.

The new honorary doctor will be promoted at the Doctoral degree conferment ceremony at Lund University in 2023.


Proof of great appreciation

The doctoral award ceremony is the major annual academic ceremony at which the University's faculties award and honour those who have completed a doctorate degree during the year. At the same time, other prominent individuals who are appointed honorary doctors are honoured. The new doctors are honoured with external signs of the doctoral dignity: diploma, ring, hat or laurel wreath – the insignia of the doctorate.

Through honorary doctoral appointments, LTH wants to strengthen LTH as a prominent university that explores and creates – to benefit the world. To be awarded an honorary doctorate from LTH is proof of great appreciation. It is not possible to be conferred an honorary doctorate from LTH if you already have a doctorate from Lund University.

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