Courses in Engineering

Find courses by department below, or in LTH course catalogue to the right. Please note that you have to study 30 credits for full time studies, with at least 15 credits at LTH - Faculty of Engineering.

Remember to find one alternative course for each course of your first choice. 

Create your study plan

A study plan is the set-up of courses that the student put together for the semester. Creating a study plan helps you organise your exchange period and plan the learning outcomes of your studies at LTH. 

How to create your study plan

Step #1 – Select an engineering program from the list below.

Step #2 – Select a suitable specialization.

Step #3 – Find out which courses are suitable for you. Please check:

Step #4 – Make sure to review the course syllabus as well as course prerequisites before setting up your study plan.

Step #5 – Use the Schedule generator to create your schedule and see whether two or more of the courses you have chosen have teaching scheduled at the same time.

Tips to create a great study plan:

  • Read the course syllabus to see if you meet the required prerequisites for the course
  • LTH offers a wide range of courses to exchange students, but we recommend that you create your study plan starting from a specialisation of one of LTH’s programmes to avoid course clashes.

Examples on how to diposition your courses:

LTH Course catalogue

All courses offered at LTH for exchange students sorted by department

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Course Schedule

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