To benefit the world

Every year LTH publish about 100 theses and 1 700 research findings that pave the way for scientific discoveries and new innovations improving society. 

At LTH there i scope for brilliant research and inspiration for the creative development of technology, architecture and design. Over 1 000 researchers at LTH are working hard to create good living conditions for people and promote more careful use of the Earth’s resources.

LTH is a part of Lund University. This association gives us the opportunity to operate on a broad front and across boundaries, as we work together to explore and innovate for the benefit of the world.

Two world-class research facilities – ESS and Max IV – are under construction a stone’s throw from LTH, which, of course, is participating in this journey and contributing to make the initiatives beneficial for research, industry – and society as a whole.

Together we explore and create – to benefit the world.