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Information for partners

Students laughing. Photo: Johan Bävman

Important dates

Nomination periods

15-31 March: autumn semester and full academic year
15-30 September: spring semester

Nominations should be submitted via our mobility system, SoleMOVE. The instructions will be sent via email to partners during the nomination period.

Link to SoleMOVE 

At the end of the nomination period, a student login ID and password will be generated so that each nominated student can apply during the application period.

Extension requests 

We need to be informed about students who are pursuing exchange studies in the autumn semester and wish to extend their stay to the spring semester before 30 September.

Please have in mind that the extension of the student exchange period would mean the use of an exchange spot. Extension requests should be sent to by partner university.

We do not accept extensions between academic years (spring semester to the autumn semester).

Student application periods

1-15 April: autumn semester
1-15 October: spring semester

2024 Autumn semester

  • 20 August: arrival day for exchange students
  • 20 -31 August: orientation programme for international students
  • 2 September: start of the semester
  • 19 January: end of the semester

2025 Spring semester

  • TBA January: arrival day for exchange students
  • TBA-19 January: orientation programme for international students
  • 20 January: start of the semester
  • 8 June: end of the semester

Academic information

5 years MSc in Engineering programmes

5 years MSc in Architecture

3+2 years Bachelor/Master of Fine Arts in Design

2 years international Master’s programmes

Language of instruction: Undergraduate/first cycle: mostly Swedish Graduate/Second cycle: mostly English.

Full time workload: 30 credits/semester (1 credit = 1 ECTS) Two semesters (autumn/spring) in one academic year, with two study periods per semester.

Autumn semester

Study period 1: August - October
Study period 2: October - January

Spring semester

Study period 3: January - March
Study period 4: March - June

Grades are often based on a combination of written exams, labs, projects and groupwork with an informal study climate.

The academic system (Lund University’s website)

All grades at Lund University are criterion-referenced, i.e. awarded in relation to the student’s performance relative to the learning objectives set out in the course syllabus. They do not grade how well the student performs in relation to other students, but how well they fulfils the objectives of the course. ECTS grades are not awarded.

Academic system and grading scale (Student website LTH)

Verifiable official transcript of records can be downloaded or printed at the end of the semester.

Considering the environmental impact, we will not send hard copies of the official transcript of records, unless required by the home institution. 

Transcripf of Records (Lund University’s website)

Admission requirements

Incoming exchange students are required to register for 30 credits per semester, with at least 15 credits at LTH, Faculty of Engineering.


  • Course eligibility is based on fulfillment of the course prerequisites.
  • Students need to think carefully when making the study plan and study the course syllabus and schedule thoroughly. LTH does not have an Add & Drop period after Arrival.

Find courses


The schedule generator can be used to plan the semester. Please note that clashes between lectures are often not possible.

Schedule and courses (Student website LTH)

Swedish language courses

Avaliable for exchange students. Free of charge with limited number of seats.

Swedish language courses at LTH


Acceptance to exchange studies does not guarantee housing. Students can apply for housing through LU Accommodation. It is possible to apply for housing at different agancies.

Student application via LU Accommodation:

May: autumn semester

1 - 14 November: spring semester

LU accommodation’s website

Living costs

Before arriving in Lund, students need to make sure that they have sufficient funds to cover living expenses.

Money and living costs (Lund University’s website)

Student life in Lund

Lund is considered the number one city for students in Sweden, Lund offers an exciting campus environment with a vibrant student life, an international atmosphere and memorable student traditions.

Student life in Lund (Lund University’s website)

Materials and information for marketing

On the page "Promotional material" we have gathered some videos, PDFs and pictures as well as information about study life at Faculty of Engineering. Feel free to use it at fares and other events!

Top 10 reasons to study at LTH

Contact information

General queries regarding exchange studies

Assistant Dean for first and second cycle studies

Kristofer Modig, Senior Lecturer 

Head of International Office

Emelie Stenborg

International coordinators

Contact information to international coordinators (Student website LTH)

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