Degree project / Master's thesis

As a nominated exchange student from one of LTH’s partner universities, you have the possibility to pursue a degree project/master’s thesis at the Faculty of Engineering LTH.

Please note:

  • The degree project is of 30 credits and lasts one semester
  • To be accepted for a degree project/master’s thesis, you need to find a supervisor at LTH
  • It is not possible to pursue a bachelor thesis at LTH

How to proceed

If you are interested in doing your degree project/master’s thesis during your exchange at LTH, you need to contact the department in question yourself to see if there is a relevant degree project/master’s thesis available. LTH cannot guarantee supervision in every department or research division.

Process overview of degree project/master’s thesis (Student website LTH)

Application process

You need to follow the application procedures for exchange studies. In your application, you should put the course code of the degree project of your interest.

Application procedures for exchange studies

Grading system

Pass or Fail is awarded after the completion of the degree project/master’s thesis. No ECTS grade awarded.

Research at LTH

The Faculty of Engineering LTH is world leading in many research areas.

Information about research at LTH

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