How to apply

Who can study at LTH as an exchange student?

To study at LTH as an exchange student, your home university must have a formal exchange agreement with LTH.

You apply via the International Office at your university. Once you have been selected and nominated by your home university, you will receive specific information about the application process for exchange studies at LTH — Faculty of Engineering, Lund University. An overview of the process is displayed below:

How to apply

Online application

You apply online via the website:
Username and password are sent to nominated students via e-mail.

The application periods for nominated exchange students are:

  • 1 April- 25 April for autumn semester (September-January) and academic year exchange studies
  • 1 October- 25 October for spring semester exchange studies (January-June)

Complete your online application

  1. You are required to submit the following documents in support of your applications:
    • An official transcript of all your previous academic studies (including "classe préparatoire" for French students)
    • A list of ongoing courses (if not included in the transcript)
    • Preferably course descriptions of the courses listed in your transcript of records
    • Statement of purpose (motivating your exchange, why you have chosen Lund and your career goals on approximately one A4 page) and CV
    • Copy of your passport (underline your first name)
    • Portfolio is required if you are applying to Architecture or Industrial Design courses

  2. Choose courses adding up to 30 credits and state one alternative per course. 
    It is your responsibility to ensure that courses taken at Lund University can be taken as an accredited part of your degree programme, please check with your home university to ask if credit transfer is permitted before coming to Lund. It is not possible to change courses after the semester has started. 

    Please note that a minimum of 15 credits has to be studied at LTH - Faculty of Engineering

  3. If you want, sign up for the SUSA-course (Introductory Swedish language course) and mentor programme at the same time. Ask you home university if this course can be accredited to your degree programme.

Study Plan

You must follow a full time study plan of 30 credits each semester during the exchange period. Please be aware that you must have a full-time study plan to be accepted for exchange studies at the Faculty of Engineering LTH.

Keep in mind that:

  • You should aim to have a well-balanced study plan with an average workload of 15 credits in each study period. 
  • You are allowed to combine courses freely from the different engineering programmes. It is your responsibility to check and verify the specific requirements for each course and prepare your schedule. Under Find exchange courses you will be able to find the courses that are being offered as well as information about schedule. 
  • Once your study plan has been settled before your arrival to Lund, you will be registered in the Lund University study documentation system (Ladok) for the courses that have been pre-approved by the responsible professors. More information about that will be given to you after arrival in Lund on the Pre-Registration Day.  

Change of courses

Please think carefully when preparing your study plan. The Faculty of Engineering LTH does not have an Add & Drop courses period. Changes in the study plan for the semester after the deadline (check Timeframe - course application and key dates) are in general not accepted! 

Discuss your choice of courses in terms of validation with your home university before including alternative courses.

Find Exchange Courses

Grading Scales

Please note that no ECTS grades are awarded for any of the courses offered att LTH. 

English Language Requirements

Exchange students must have a high English proficiency in order to succeed with their academic studies at Lund University - a level equivalent to the requirements for International Master students in Sweden is recommended.

Please note that we do not require any official documentation such as a TOEFL or IELTS  test result for incoming exchange students.

Double degree students should provide a language certificate. An institutional certificate is sufficient.

Academic Calendar

The semester at LTH is divided into two study periods. Some courses are given over the whole semester, and most courses are only offered once a year. 

Autumn semester:
Study period 1 (sp1):
September – October
Study period 2 (sp2):
November – January

Spring semester:
Study period 3 (sp3):
January – Mars
Study period 4 (sp4):
April – June

Click here for more information about the academic calendar

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