Departments and divisions

LTH consists of approximately 70 divisions, in 18 different departments. All our departments and divisions are listed below in alphabetical order (departments are shown in bold). Click on a department to read a short, popular scientific description of their research.


Analytical Chemistry, division
Algorithms, research group
Applied Microbiology, division
Architectural Conservation and Restoration
Architecture and Development Studies
Architecture and Built Environment, department  
Atomic Physics, division
Automatic Control, department


Biomedical Engineering, department
Biophysical Chemistry, division
Biotechnology, division
Broadband Communication, research lab
Building and Environmental Technology, department
Building Materials, division
Building Physics, division
Building Services, division


CERTEC - Division for Rehabilitation Engineering Research
Chemical Engineering, department
Chemistry, department
Combustion Engines, division
Combustion Physics, division
Communications Engineering, research lab
Communication Systems, division
Computer Graphics. research group
Computer Science, department 
Construction Management, division
Construction Sciences, department


Design Sciences, department


Efficient Energy Systems, division
Electrical and Information Technology, department
Electromagnetic Theory, research lab
Embedded Systems Design, research group
Energy and Building Design, division
Energy Sciences, department
Engineering Acoustics, division
Engineering Geology, division
Engineering Logistics, division
Environmental and Energy Systems Studies, division
Environmental Psychology, division
Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology, division


Fire Safety Engineering, division
Fluid Mechanics, division 
Food Technology, Engineering and Nutrition, department


Geotechnical Engineering, division


Heat Transfer, division
Housing Development and Management (HDM), division


Immunotechnology, department
Industrial Design, division
Industrial Electrical Engineering and Automation (IEA), division
Innovation Engineering, division
Integrated Electronic Systems, research lab


Machine Elements, division 
Materials Engineering, division
Mathematical Physics, division
Mathematical Sciences, department
Mathematical Statistics, division
Mathematics and Numerical Analysis, division
Mechanical Engineering Sciences, department
Mechanics, division


Nano Electronics, research lab
Networks and Security, research lab
Nuclear Physics, division
Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing, division


Organic Chemistry, division


Packaging Logistics, division
Physics, department
Polymer Science and Engineering, division
Product Development, division
Production and Materials Engineering, division
Production Management, division
Pure and Applied Biochemistry, division


Real Estate Management, division
Risk Management and Societal Safety, division
Robotics and Semantic Systems, research group


School of Aviation, department
Software Development and Environments, research group
Software Engineering, research group
Solid Mechanics, division
Solid State Physics, division
Structural Engineering, division
Structural Mechanics, division


Technology and Society, department
Theoretical and Applied Aesthetics
Thermal Power Engineering, division
Transport and Roads, division


Urban Planning
Urban Studies


Water Resources Engineering, division

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