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As an exchange student, you are expected to have a full-time study plan of 30 credits per semester during your study period at Lund University.

Courses offered by LTH

You can freely choose courses suitable for exchange students from different programmes at LTH, as long as you have the academic requirements and the necessary supporting documents. Please observe that some courses have a limited number of seats.


It is important to check your timetable and programme structure to see if two or more courses overlap. Clashes in lab sessions and exercises are generally not a problem.

Schedule and courses (Student website LTH)

Courses offered by other faculties

Lund University offers more than 700 courses across a wide range of subjects that are suitable for exchange students. Please note that you can study up to 15 credits at another faculty. 

Courses at other faculties (Lund University's website)

Special Area Studies

Exchange students can apply for “Special Area Study” (SAS) courses in subjects such as Swedish culture and society, European studies, regional courses and global issues of contemporary interest. 

Information about Special Area Studies (Lund University's website)

Learning Swedish

To meet the growing interest in Swedish language courses we offer our exchange students Swedish courses.

Swedish language course for engineering students

Courses taught at the Department of Scandinavian Languages at Lund University, free of charge for exchange students at LTH:

  • EXTA24 Beginner's level (7.5 credits, 5 weeks of full-time studies),
    equivalent to SVEE11
  • EXTA25 Continuation (7.5 credits, 5 weeks of full-time studies),
    equivalent to SVEE12

If you intend to take one of these courses you can add it to your Study Plan. 

Lessons are held twice a week between 5-8 p.m. (Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays), which is convenient for engineering, industrial design and architecture students who have busy day-time schedules.

Please note that the courses have limited number of seats and applying does not guarantee acceptance. 

Swedish for exchange students (Centre for Languages and Literature's website)

Swedish courses at Lund University

Lund University organise similar courses for exchange students, the so-called SVEE courses (7.5 credits each). The SVEE courses are structured in five modules and are therefore suitable for you who already know Swedish.

SVEE: Swedish language courses (Centre for Languages and Literature's website)

Grading scales

Please note that no ECTS grades are awarded for any of the courses offered att LTH. 

Course list suitable for exchange students

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