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LTH's Pedagogical Academy

University teachers (excluding postgraduate students) at the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) are invited to have their teaching qualifications assessed with the aim of being accepted into LTH’s Pedagogical Academy. Those accepted will be awarded the distinction of Excellent Teaching Practitioner (ETP), and get an immediate rise in salary. Moreover, the department to which they belong will receive an increase in their undergraduate teaching grant. The rise in salary corresponds to what a senior lecturer gets upon promotion to a senior researcher (docent).

Applicants who wish to be admitted to the Pedagogical Academy must show how they over a period of time, consciously and systematically have endeavoured to develop means of enhancing students’ learning in their discipline, and how they have made their own experience in teaching available to others within the academic community. Applicants must also be able to analyse and reflect upon their teaching practices with the aid of pedagogic literature and other sources of information, and show how they have used these to develop their thoughts concerning the teaching and the learning process.

The course Teaching Portfolio Workshop has no formal connection to the Pedagogical Academy, but it is a course for all teachers who want to increase their ability to write a well-thought-out and reflective pedagogical portfolio. The course follows the guidelines for pedagogical portfolios as they are described in the document on LTH's Pedagogical Academy (2017-11-20, see above) and within the framework of the course, the Pedagogical Academy will also be discussed. The course is part of the qualifying pedagogical education at LTH. 

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The application can be submitted any time during the year.

However, the selection is done once per year (March-May) and the portofolios must be submitted 31 January by the latest the to be taken into consideration during the current year. 

The application is to be submitted in PDF-format via
e-mail to

The Head of Department sends his/her certificate separate directly to Mark it with ETP, year, and the applicant's name.

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