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Virtual Reality Lab

Virtual Reality (VR) can be described as an artificial environment that has been created digitally. By providing the user’s senses with information as realistic as possible, the user is presented with a version of reality that doesn’t really exist, yet can be experienced as very convincing.

In the large demonstration hall there are several display systems for experiencing high immersion – the feeling of being totally surrounded by a virtual environment. You will also find different simulation set-ups such as the one for driving a car and the one with haptic (tactile) feedback.

In house expertise

Our staff can help you define your project, create virtual environments and living 3D models, and are experienced in game engines

User skill requierments

It is an advantage to have knowledge of CAD and gaming engines


The Cave (or cube) is a high immersive environment that can be shared by many people at the same time.
There are also car simulators, head mounted displays and haptic tools available.

Typical user

The Virtual reality lab can be of use to architects, archaeologist, historians, researchers, fire safety engineers and stress sensitivity research, etc.


Depending on the project, a benchmark fee is 4000:- for half a day.

Insurance and safety

The VR lab equipment is run by staff members. No extra precautions are necessary.

Contact information

The Virtual reality lab is located on the basement level of Ingvar Kamprad Design Center (IKDC) at the LTH Lund University campus in Lund.

Virtual Reality Lab's website

Joakim Eriksson

Head of the VR-laboratory

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Jessika Sellergren

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