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Food Lab

The Pilot-plan is a modern facility for product development and manufacturing of primarily food in pilot scale although the facility also has available an industrial kitchen and laboratories for characterization of food and similar products.

The lab is available through the collaboration Open Lab Skåne that at the moment is supported by a InterReg grant.

In-house expertise

Here, you will find equipment and expertise that can be used for development of a wide range of products, for example food products, probiotics, pharmaceutical formulations and cosmetics such as topical creams. The department is one of Sweden’s strongest research environment when it comes to food engineering (including processing, food engineering, and characterisation of food products). The department also have a general knowledge in formulation technology that is applicable outside the food area. For more information about the pilot plant and industrial kitchen please contact Ingegerd Sjöholm. For questions about characterisation methods please contact Marie Wahlgren.


The equipment in the pilot hall, include technologies for

  • Membrane / Filtration technologies
  • Heat treatment and sterilization
  • Emulsification
  • Drying including spry drying
  • Mixing
  • Freezing
  • Baking
  • As well as rental of pilot plant space and utilities

More about equipment on Open Lab Skåne's website

Typical customers/users

Companies working with development of food and probiotic

User skill requirements

We do not set any specific user requirement, but the user needs to have knowledge enough to use the equipment I a safe way.


See Open Lab Skåne's website for fees. For SMEs the cost can partly be covered by a InterReg grant.

Insurance & safety

To work in the pilot hall requires that safety and insurances are in order. The rules around insurance and safety is handled through a contract with Open labs prior to start of the project.

Contact information

We are located at house IV at Kemicentrum.

Ingegerd Sjöholm

Lector, Contact person for the food pilot hall Open Lab

Tel: +46 46 222 98 04

Open Lab Skåne's website

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