Aerosol Lab

The aerosol lab is a facility with state-of-the-art equipment for measurement and experimental studies of airborne (or gas borne) particles in a range of applications. The lab is managed in collaboration between the Department of Design Sciences and Department of Physics. It is located at IKDC, Sölvegatan 26.

In-house expertise

Around 20 senior scientists and 10-15 PhD students are associated with the lab and can provide expertise or guidance related to all different techniques available in a range of areas such as measurement of airborne nanoparticles, biological aerosols, combustion emissions, indoor or outdoor pollutants, inhaled particles and much more.


The aerosol laboratory has three major halls and four smaller rooms, with a total area of 400 m2. In the halls there is room size climate controlled experimental chambers, vacuum and compressed air systems, sterile benches, chemical and electronic supplies and filter handling equipment. The aerosol laboratory is also adapted for handling of biological aerosols (microbiological risk class 2). The laboratory has a range of instruments for advanced measurement of airborne particles, including their size distribution, mass, chemical composition, light scattering, density, water absorption and fluorescence. There is also a variety of technologies available for generating aerosol particles in different size ranges and from different sources. In addition, we have the ability to transform the aerosol by, for instance, changing the electrical charge or surface layer of the particles.

Typical users

Researchers, companies and institutions with an interest in aerosol measurement.

User skill requirements

Some of the instruments and techniques in the aerosol lab may be handled independently after a short introduction, such as optical particle counters or low-cost devices. Other equipment may need substantial assistance by expert staff. Such staff may be available at request.


Information about the lab fees and lab access is available upon request

Insurance & safety

All aerosol lab users must have insurance in order to use the lab. The aerosol lab staff provides a safety course for all new users of the lab. New projects may need to get an approved risk analysis before starting the experimental work.

Contact information

Our lab facilities are located at the department of Design Sciences and Department of Physics at IKDC, Sölvegatan 26.

Patrik Nilsson

Lab Manager (lab access, prices)


Jakob Löndahl

Lab Director (contracts, projects)


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