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Unmanned Aircraft Systems Lab

Located at Lund University School of Aviation in Ljungbyhed, the UAS Lab offers a research infrastructure for the development and application of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) in a controlled airport/airspace environment.

In-house expertise

The staff at the Lund University School of Aviation holds technical, operational, and regulatory knowledge on UAS. We participate in all phases of UAS missions including:

  • Planning: advising on what type of vehicle to use, mounting sensors, flight permit-applications, path-planning and simulation testing
  • Flying UAS missions: Our skilled UAS operators can conduct UAS operations in single- or multi pilot settings
  • Post processing of data: Depending on the kind of data collected we can help in the post processing and analysis-phase

Operations within UAS Lab will be conducted under the Lund university UAS Operator permit.

User skill requirements

Depending on equipment.


  • Custom made unmanned aircrafts (Fixed wings, multirotor, hybrids)
  • Multiple types of sensors
  • Multiple types of propulsion systems (Electric, hydrogen, ICE, turbine) 
  • Swarms
  • Sub-scale tests
  • Big volume for indoor flying within surrounding nets
  • Simulators (Training, testing, UTM)
  • Soldering
  • Maintenance
  • Foam cutters
  • Computing power
  • Custom batteries
  • CNC-miller

Typical customers/users

Users of the UAS Lab are typically either interested in testing a new type of sensor or task to address with UAS technology. Users can also be skilled UAS operators who want to use the Ljungbyhed airport and airspace as a testbed.


Information about the lab fees and lab access is available upon request.

Insurance and safety

All UAS Lab users must have insurance in order to use the lab. The UAS Lab staff provides a dedicated introduction and safety course for all new users of the lab.

Contact information

Rikard Tyllström

Lecturer, Lund University School of Aviation

The location of the lab is the Lund University School of Aviation hangar at Campus Ljungbyhed, located at Ljungbyhed airport.


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Close-up photo of a drone.