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Immunotechnology Labs

The Department of Immunotechnology offers access to lab facilities for a wide range of molecular biology applications, including mass spectrometry-based proteomics and multiplex flow cytometry as well as instruments for monitoring molecular interactions in real time and for analysis of RNA and protein expression. 

In-house expertise

We have expert staff specialized in mass spectrometry, in analyzing molecular interactions in real-time, multiplex flow cytometry and gene expression analysis. The staff at the different facilities will provide knowledge and guidance in use of the different instruments.


The Mass spectrometry facility has two mass-spectrometers for qualitative and quantitative proteomic experiments; LTQ-XL and QE HF-X, which provide high sensitivity and accuracy for the identification of peptides and proteins. The facility also has two speed vacuum systems for sample concentration.
The iQue system offers flow cytometry analysis in a rapid and multiplexed format of cells and beads in suspension. Three-laser configuration, minimal problems with small numbers of cells, detection rate up to 35000 event/second.

The Mass-16 system offers high sensitivity surface plasmon resonance (SPR) technique to monitor molecular interactions in real time. High-throughput kinetic analysis on a 96 well platform. Eight dual sensor flow cells enable analysis of 8 samples simultaneously.

The Nanostring nCounter FLEX system offers targeted multiplex analysis of RNA and protein expression separately or combined. Simple and fast sample preparation and digital barcode readout.

More about our facilities at our website

Typical users

Typical users of our facilities are academic research groups from within and outside Lund University as well as start-ups and smaller companies in the Life Science field.

User skill requirements

Some of our equipment requires skilled staff to run. For these instruments our staff will be available to run the experiments together with the users. For the Mass-16 and iQue systems the user will be able to run the instruments independently after an introduction.


Information about the lab fees and lab access is available upon request

Insurance & safety

Users who will operate our equipment must have insurance to cover any cost arising from mishandling the equipment or lab spaces. Our staff will inform users regarding safety when handling our instruments.

Contact information

Our lab facilities are located at the Department of Immunotechnology on Medicon Village, building 406, Scheelevägen 8 in Lund.

Lina Olsson

Research Engineer

Immunotechnology Labs' website


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