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3D Printing Lab

The 3D printing laboratory is a modern research facility for product development and manufacturing methodology.
Additive Manufacturing (which is also often referred to as 3D printing) is a term referring to a range of layer-upon-layer manufacturing technologies, used for both prototyping and manufacturing purposes.

The lab is open to all Lund university staff and students. The access philosophy for the Lab is one of open access with a welcoming attitude that encourages staff, students and industry partners to extensively use the facility to its maximum potential and explore new areas of use for the technologies.

In-house expertise

We are heavily involved in all aspects of product development and active in the areas of additive manufacturing and rapid product development.
Staff members are available for assistance with manufacturing method and material, depending on your specific requirements.

User skill requirements

Users need to provide their own 3D models to be printed. Make sure to read the guidelines for printing with the Selective Laser Sintering System before you send your files.

Guidelines for printing the Selective Laser Sintering System - on the website of the 3D printing lab


Our main polymer printer in the 3D printing lab is an EOS Formiga P110, a Selective Laser Sintering machine producing high quality parts in nylon. Our main metal printer is a 3D Systems ProX DMP 320, Laser Powder Bed Fusion machine producing parts in mainly aluminium and stainless steel.

Other machines we have include:

  • A Stratasys Prodigy Fused Deposition Modelling printer, which prints in ABS plastic.
  • A FormLabs SLA 3D Printer. This is an entry level stereolithography machine that prints using a photosensitive polymer resin.
  • A number of Desktop 3D printers including Makerbots, Up 3D Printers, Welleman 3D Printers, and homemade machines.
  • A Z-corp Spectrum 510 colour printer that can print full colour models in plaster of Paris.
  • A Full Spectrum 12"x24" Laser Cutter

Typical customers/users

The 3D printing lab provides services for a wide range of people in many different fields. Open to students, businesses, researchers and staff, the lab is often used by architects, engineers, designers, archeologists, innovators, etc.


You pay for the material used, which varies depending on the size of your project and your choice of manufacturing method. The cost is normally between SEK 0.5:- and SEK 3:- per cubic centimeter for nylon parts.

Insurance & safety

The 3D printing equipment is run by the lab´s own staff. No extra precautions are necessary.

Contact information

We are located on the ground floor of IKDC (Ingvar Kamprad Design Center) at the LTH Lund University campus in Lund.

For questions about the lab capabilities and/or equipment as well as for parts to be 3D printed, please contact Axel Nordin.

Axel Nordin

Senior Lecturer

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