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Communicating Research

Communicating Research (revised version of Communicating Science) is an elective course of the qualifying programme in teaching and learning in higher education and of third-cycle studies at LTH. The aim of the course is to prepare doctoral students and teaching staff at LTH for situations requiring communication of research.

Course structure

Apart from lectures, the course consists of practical and individual exercises followed by group discussions and analysis. The course includes components such as techniques of scientific presentation skills and feedback, voice and speech, poster presentations, science in social media, and the writing of popular science. To be able to pass the course the participant must have attended at least 80% of the scheduled activities and fulfilled all required science presentations.


To be admitted to the course, participants must normally have a first-cycle degree.

Priority is given to students admitted to third-cycle studies at LTH. If there are places available, other teaching staff at LTH are welcome to attend the course.


The course corresponds to 3 weeks of full-time work of which 1 week is part of the qualifying programme in teaching and learning in higher education at LTH. The course is given 5 credits in third-cycle studies (with Pass and Fail as available grades), if this is in line with the individual study plan. 



The course is given in English.

Course leaders

Anders Ahlberg,
Senior lecturer at CEE/LTH

Michael Cimbritz,
Senior lecturer at CEE/LTH


This course is ongoing. Next course will start autumn 2024 - Register here!

29/2 10:15-12 + 13:15-16  

11/3 or 12/3 13:15-16:30 

15/3 13:15-16:30

27/3 13:15-16

15/4 9:15-12

18/4 or 19/4 different presentations in small groups 10:15-17

22/4 - 29/4 feedback meetings in small groups 13:15-16

27/5 Course final 13:15-16 

5/9 10:15-12 + 13:15-16  

11/9 9:15-12:30 or 

16/9 13:15-15

2/10 13:15-16

16/10 13:15-16

18/10 or 21/10 
different presentations in small groups 10:15-17

23/10 - 1/11 feedback meetings in small groups 9:15-12 or 13:15-16

6/12 Course final 13:15-16 


Information is given by the course leaders - see list below to the left.

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