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Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods

The aim of the course is to provide an overview of qualitative research methods with a specific focus on interviews and observations. The course will thus contribute to the participants knowledge about qualitative methods mainly used in social sciences. It will also enhance the participants’ ability to plan and carry out studies based on qualitative methods.

Course structure

The course is organised around course sessions that include presentations and discussions, which means all participants are expected to be active. An individual course project constitutes a central part of the learning process. This is a qualitative study which is reported and discussed at a seminar. The participant identifies a relevant research problem which can be linked to, or be part of, the participants own research. An adequate qualitative method is identified and used (observation, interview, or text). Course participants also develop their understanding of qualitative research methods trough reading and discussions of peer participants’ course projects.


To be prioritised for admission to the course, applicants have to be part of a doctoral programme. PhD students from LTH will be prioritised.


The course corresponds to 6 ECTS credits in third-cycle (PhD) studies (with Pass and Fail as available grades), if this is in line with the individual study plan.


Course leader

Åsa Thelander,
Associate Professor, Department of Strategic communication


This course will run again autumn 2024. 


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