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Reading Skills and the Discourse of the Research Article

Reading the Discourse of the Technical Research Article is intended to help graduate students at LTH improve their efficiency and effectiveness in:

  • Reading and understanding research articles in science and engineering in general and their own fields of research in particular
  • Thinking critically about the discourse choices made by authors in published texts

Course instruction

The course consists of a series of lectures, each followed by an hour-long small-group discussion workshop in which students apply the analytical techniques learned to the different sections of research articles which they have chosen from their own fields. For a Pass on the course, the participant must have attended at least 80 % of the scheduled activities and completed and passed all assignments in the course.

The course is held in English.


To be admitted to the course applicants have to be part of a PhD programme at LTH.


The course corresponds to 2 weeks of full-time work and to 3 credits in third-cycle (PhD) studies (with Pass and Fail as available grades), if this is in line with the individual study plan.


Course instructor

Margaret Newman-Nowicka, Senior lecturer


It is not yet decided if, or when, this course will run next time.

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