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Developing and Leading Courses at LTH

Developing and leading courses at LTH is an elective course of the qualifying programme in teaching and learning in higher education and of third-cycle education at LTH.

The course invites teachers who are currently or will be course coordinators at LTH and who are engaged in developing their pedagogical practice. The course deals with both pedagogical aspects and more formal aspects relevant for course coordinators. The course offers pedagogical inspiration for further development, as well as an opportunity for participants to strengthen their collegial networks and thereby also the general pedagogical discussion at LTH.

Scheduled Course Meetings:

12 February, 13:15-15:00, LTH

26-27 February, two-day overnight seminar Flädie mat och vingård

8 April, 13:15-16:00, LTH

13 May 13:15-17, LTH

14 May 13:15-17, LTH

10 June, 9-16, LTH

There will also be a few Zoom meetings!

Course instruction

The central part of the course is a development project where participants develop an existing or new course at LTH. Participants also engage in seminars on various topics relevant for course coordinators at LTH. Seminars include discussion of relevant research articles relating to course development.

The course has a number of scheduled meetings (see schedule) with a mix of teacher-led teaching, participant teaching and discussions. For a Pass on the course, the participant must have attended at least 80% of the scheduled activities (including peer teaching) and presented a finalized project report.


To be admitted to the course, participants must normally have completed a general course in teaching and learning in higher education or the equivalent and have a first-cycle degree.


The course corresponds to 3 weeks of work (3 weeks BHU)


The course is mainly taught in English, but some components may be taught in Swedish.

Course leaders


Next course will run spring 2024, and is open for registration from mid-November. Last day to apply is 22 January.

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