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Video for your teaching

Support for video in your teaching

Video can be used for a variety of purposes, for example to replace lectures, support problem solving, bridge software management problems and to supplement and deepen course content. Properly designed, video can help solve educational problems and increase student activity and motivation.

If you want help making videos, get in touch with Jonas Månsson, email: jonas.mansson@math.lth.seor Per Warfvinge, email:

Before you begin

Consider carefully:

  • Which pedagogical problem do you want to address?
  • What is your educational idea of using video?
  • How will you integrate video with other components in the course?

Equipment at Genombrottet (Studiecentrum)

In the premises of the Study Centre, Genombrottet has a small video studio with most of what you need to make videos for your teaching.

  • Computer with Camtasia software
  • A really good microphone
  • iPad Pro for recording handwriting

Contact Jonas Månsson, email: if you want to use the equipment or pedagogical support.

The Video studio

The Division of Higher Education Development (AHU) has a video studio where you can record yourself in front of the green screen, while reading your script from a teleprompter. The recording process is very fast and smooth, and results in a video that you can either use independently or easily join with other material in, for example, Camptasia or Screenflow. Contact person at AHU is Staffan Lindström, email:

Integration with Canvas

In Canvas, you can effectively integrate video into your course design. Canvas also has a component called Studio that you can use to record, use as archive, and use to integrate quizzes in your video.

Systems for screenrecordings

To record your computer screen (presentation, calculation software) it is recommended to use:

For Windows and Mac, a licence costs 3000 SEK.  Instruction videos (opens in a new tab).

For Mac, a licence costs 1000 SEK, very powerful and easy to use.

Online, the pro-version costs $16.

If you want handwriting in your video, you need a tablet or iPad Pro and some additional software.

Publish on Youtube

If you want to publish movies on Youtube, a channel is needed. Within LU, there is a decision that Youtube channels at faculty level should be named xxxx_LTH, where xxxx should clearly indicate who the sender is.

Papers to read

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