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Scientific Information Management

The main target group for this course is newly engaged PhD students, but all PhD students are welcome to apply. 

The overall objective of the course is to give students instruction and training in scientific information management. When completed the course, participants will have gained knowledge about scientific information management both in general and within their own specific research area.

Course instruction

The course comprises a series of lectures, workshops and an individual project. In the project the participants will analyse the information structure and communication tradition within their own research area, based on scientific literature. The project is presented in a written report and at an oral presentation for the other course participants. The time set aside for the project is one week.

For a Pass on the course, participants must have attended at least 80% of the scheduled activities. You must also have given a problem-oriented oral presentation and evaluation of a database, based on given criteria and your information needs and also passed the project work, including a written and an oral presentation of the project.

The course is taught in English.


To be admitted to the course applicants have to be part of a PhD programme at LTH.


The course corresponds to 2 weeks of full-time work and to 3 credits in third-cycle (PhD) studies (with Pass and Fail as available grades), if this is in line with the individual study plan.


Course instructor

Robin Gullstrand , Librarian LTH
Phone: +46 46 222 32 77


We have rescheduled this course, and plan to run it autumn 2024.

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