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Information for new employees

Welcome to Lund University and the Faculty of Engineering, LTH!

Lund University (LU) was founded in 1666 and is ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the world. LU has 42,000 students and more than 7,500 employees in Lund, Malmö and Helsingborg.

We are united in our efforts to understand, explain, and improve our world and the human condition.

The Faculty of Engineering, LTH, is the largest faculty at Lund University. We have overall responsibility for education and research in Engineering, Architecture, and Industrial Design.

LTH has about 9,600 students and 1,700 employees from around the world.

Our dedicated and enthusiastic staff members are our most important resource.

We want LTH to be a welcoming and attractive workplace, providing a developing and stimulating work environment for students and staff.

A good work environment is the result of both psychosocial and physical factors. The environment must be safe and secure, and be characterised by job satisfaction and participation. Working conditions should be adapted to suit the individual needs of our employees.

Lund University has clearly defined goals with regard to work environment, and strategies for how to get there.

Diversity, gender equality and equal opportunities among staff and students contribute to a good work environment and high quality achievements within the organisation. At LTH we want to offer all employees equal career and personal development opportunities. This is one of our top priorities.

As an employer, LTH strives to ensure that ALL staff have equal rights with regard to employment and working conditions, equal rights and opportunities when it comes to salary-setting, and equal opportunities with regard to influence, responsibility, authority and professional development.

Lund University and LTH safeguard the equal value of every individual. We do not under any circumstances tolerate victimisation. Any such behaviour is treated extremely seriously and must be dealt with immediately.

On the LTH website you will find detailed information about the faculty and its activities.

Both Lund University and LTH have websites where you will find information and support specifically tailored to employees.

LTHin – our intranet

LTHin is a digital platform for internal communication and collaboration. Here you will find specific information for LTH employees, user manuals and latest news about LTH.

You will get access to LTHin (login required) when you start your employment.

Lund University Staff pages

On the Lund University Staff pages you will find information that applies to all employees at the University.

You will find information under four main headings:

  • Employment
  • Support and Tools
  • Research and Education
  • Organisation and Governance


Information for new employees on welcome days, salary payment, access cards, health promotion and work environment, professional development, etc.

We especially encourage you to read the section on Terms of Employment, which sets out the particulars of working for a public authority with regards to core values, the principle of public access to official documents, the exercise of public authority and secondary employment.

Support and tools

Information on parking, premises, purchasing, invoicing, business travel, IT, telephones, post, who to contact in case of an emergency, etc. You will also find information about the University’s graphic profile.

On LTHin you will find templates, advice and contact information regarding external and internal communication at LTH (login required).

Research and education

Information on research funding, education administration, international mobility, etc.

Organisation and governance

Information on the University’s structure, rules and regulations, as well as our common vision, goals and strategies.

On Lund University Staff pages and LTHin, you will find links to the most common administrative systems, as well as the most frequently requested staff forms.

Contact information

It is important that you provide your department with contact information for people we should contact in case of an emergency. Ask about this during your introduction at the department. In a medical emergency we need to be able to contact a relative.

IT and support

You will find general information on LTHin, but it is best to contact your department as procedures vary.

Information about IT and support on LTHin (login required)


As an employee of Lund University, you are covered by insurance for occupational injuries that occur during working hours, and on your way to and from work. You are also covered by an occupational group life insurance. During business trips, you are covered by the Kammarkollegiet travel insurance.

More information about insurances - on Lund University Staff pages

Staff and salary support

For questions related to your employment, salary or other financial benefits, please contact the HR-administrator at your division/department.

Notification of sick leave

You register your absence in Primula on the first day you are sick. At the same time you should notify your line manager that you are sick. Once you are fit for work again, register your final day of sick leave in Primula. Follow the instructions in the system.

If you are sick for more than seven consecutive calendar days, you must submit a copy of your doctor’s certificate to your line manager.

Caring for a sick child and parental leave

Report absence due to caring for a sick child directly to your manager. Once you are back at work, you must register your absence in SSC Primula.

You must notify your manager and register for parental leave at least two months in advance in Primula. Always notify the Swedish Social Insurance Agency when caring for a sick child or taking parental leave.

For emergencies always call (0)112

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