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2 June 2022

After a trip from Portugal, the new exposure chambers have arrived in Lund. LTH’s aerosol and climate scientists welcome the lab delivery with great expectations and are getting ready for a four-week construction project.

2 June 2022

For the first time in two years, Lund University will be in Visby for Almedalen Week. In times of crisis and war, such democratic meeting places are more important than ever.

31 May 2022

Our Future City is Lund University's contribution to H22 City Expo, organised by the City of Helsingborg between 30 May and 3 July. As part of Our Future City, LTH researchers will share knowledge on how e-commerce can be conducted with a good environmental conscience, on how wastewater can support sustainability as well as the question of whether [...]

30 May 2022

Lund University School of Economics and Management (LUSEM), the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) and Sparbanken Skåne are founding a joint centre for sustainable enterprising at Lund University. Together, they are investing more than SEK 50 million in the centre, which will start welcoming new doctoral students across a variety of research [...]

30 May 2022

On Monday 30 May, it is time for 187 graduates to receive their degrees from the Dean at LTH's formal graduation ceremony in the auditorium of the main university building. During the ceremony, which will be broadcast live, scholarships and prizes will also be awarded for outstanding work, both to researchers, teachers and students.

25 May 2022

The team is called LFS22, and its work has required enormous amounts of collaboration and advancement and will be unveiled on 25 May 2022. Perhaps you could say it's about the car that builds some of the best engineers in the world. Meet the project leader, team and partners behind Lund Formula Student and this year's student-built [...]

24 May 2022

If you're lucky, you'll have a few moments to spare this week. Then you can visit the LTH architecture students' annual exhibition and get a glimpse of how, and by whom, tomorrow’s built environments will be designed.

18 May 2022

LTH, the Faculty of Engineering, is part of several international university networks – enabling students to complete one or two semesters at some of the world's top universities while receiving a unique education as well as global cultural expertise. There is currently an increase in interest in exchange programmes with the Nordic and Baltic [...]

18 May 2022

After many years, a research team led by Lund University in Sweden has sequenced and characterized the entire genome of oats. This opens up for breeding healthier oats with even better nutritional content, and growing oats in a more environmentally sustainable way. The detailed genetic analyzes also strengthen the evidence that oats are safe in a [...]

16 May 2022

Welcome to a popular science seminar on 2 June to get to know this year's honorary doctorates. You will hear lectures on architecture for affordable housing, universal laws from the macro to the micro level and how chemistry can contribute to climate change mitigation. You will also have a unique opportunity to mingle with both the honorary doctors [...]

13 May 2022

We all know that when it burns, it smokes. But what do we really know about the contents of that smoke and how it is affected by different fire processes? Not only that, how do these smoke particles affect the emergency personnel who are first on the scene? Researchers at LTH, in a unique experiment with the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency [...]

13 May 2022

The risk of being exposed to Covid-19 particles increases with shorter physical distance to a patient, higher patient viral load and poor ventilation. Measurements taken by researchers at Lund University in Sweden of airborne virus in hospitals provide new knowledge about how best to adapt healthcare to reduce the risk of spread of infection. [...]

5 May 2022

The new Lund University Agenda 2030 Award wants to promote innovative and interdisciplinary research on sustainable development by early career scholars at the university. Alexandra Nikoleris is the first winner and is praised for her innovative work in designing creative and sustainable future scenarios.

11 April 2022

DEAN'S BLOG. The need for technical skills is growing in line with the re-establishment of industry in Sweden, and as a result of industry's transformation in areas such as sustainable development and digitalisation. Therefore, it is imperative that all young people, regardless of background and gender, see the opportunities in the future [...]

6 April 2022

The new UN climate report shows that the zero emissions goal for 2050 is achievable. However, it will require major changes in all sectors – not least in industry, which currently accounts for a large proportion of global emissions. The researchers identified several sustainable paths forward, but some sectors – above all in plastics and chemicals [...]