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14 October 2022

Four researchers from Lund University have been awarded considerable grants from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation – Mikael Akke from LTH is one of them. Over a five-year period, they will...

5 October 2022

LTH's Dean Annika Olsson comments on the events in Iran, regarding the attacks on students and university staff.

23 September 2022

The lab that will take us closer to the aviation fuel of the future has now opened. The Jet Engine Lab at the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) makes it possible to conduct full-scale studies on how...

22 September 2022

Lars Samuelson, professor of nanotechnology and semiconductor electronics at LTH and founder of NanoLund, is awarded the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences’ (IVA) Great Gold Medal for...

7 September 2022

Per Augustsson, Associate Professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at LTH, Lund University, has been awarded an ERC Proof of Concept Grant for his work on how liquids and cells behave in...

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