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Hat and Ring for 75 New LTH doctors

The last Friday in May traditionally marks the doctoral conferment ceremony in Lund. In 2024, a record number of 266 doctors will be conferred. LTH will confer degrees to 75 doctors who have successfully defended their doctoral theses, three honorary doctors, and eleven jubilee doctors during a solemn and ancient ceremony in Lund Cathedral. Lund University has been conducting doctoral conferment ceremonies since 1670.

– Published 30 May 2024

The doctoral conferment ceremony is LTH’s most important academic celebration. The doctoral graduates who completed their research studies and successfully defended their theses at Lund University's nine faculties during the past year receive their degrees at a solemn ceremony in Lund Cathedral. 

The insignia, the diploma, the hat (or the laurel wreath) and the ring, are the honorary symbols of the doctoral degree.

LTH’s honorary doctors are also appointed during the ceremony. Those who were conferred their doctoral degrees 50 years ago become jubilee doctors.

The procession departs from the main university building to the cathedral at 12:00 PM. The ceremony lasts about three hours, and the procession is expected to return to the main university building between 3:00 and 4:00 PM. The public is welcome to watch the procession to and from the cathedral, but the ceremony itself is only open to invited guests.

The graduation act begins with a greeting from the vice-chancellor Erik Renström, followed by the conferral of degrees by the nine faculties. The entire graduation act is conducted in Latin. The act includes a salute with cannon shots, a tribute to the doctors, performed by the Wendes artillery regiment.

Once the degrees have been conferred, one of the new doctors holds a solemn speech, an oration to the University. Bishop Johan Tyrberg concludes the ceremony with a prayer in Latin.

More information about the Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremony – on Lund University's website

Livestream of the ceremony

The Doctoral Conferment Ceremony at Lund Cathedral will be livestreamed, starting at 12:00 CEST. 

Livestream link (Youtube)

Honorary doctors

LTH has awarded three honorary doctorates for 2022; Eva Lindroth, Professor of Theoretical Physics at Stockholm University; Sabeth Verpoorte, Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Groningen; and Björn Liljeqvist, expert in study techniques and Mensa chairman.

More informations about LTH's Honorary doctors

Jubilee doctors 

As a tribute to previous generations, the ceremony also celebrates those who earned their doctoral degrees fifty years previously by bestowing upon them the title of jubilee doctor, or doctor jubilaris.

During the ceremony, the jubilee doctors are awarded a new diploma. In 2024, LTH will award eleven jubilee doctors a new diploma:

  • Robert Andreen
  • Gunnar Bengtsson
  • Hans Bergkvist
  • Thomas Johansson
  • Inger-Lena Lamm
  • Lars-Göran Larsson
  • Skotte Mårtensson
  • Bertil Nilsson
  • Göran Olofsson (absens)
  • Inga-Britt Peetre
  • Svante Thorén

LTH congratulates the following 75 doctors

  • Fatemeh Akbarian
  • Dávid Alcer
  • Leila Allahgholi
  • Linus Andersson
  • Carl-Johan Asplund
  • Robin Atle
  • Shuai Bai
  • Anders Bondemark
  • Olivier Bonjour
  • Zahra Chamideh
  • Despina Christoforidou
  • Max Collins
  • Joana Coutinho Campos
  • Anna Dalklint
  • Pontus Ebelin
  • Maja Ekblad
  • Christian Elgaard
  • Emil Erdtman
  • Sara Franzén
  • Sabrina Maria Gericke
  • Ana Goidea
  • David Gómez Jiménez
  • Magnus Hagelsteen
  • Hesam Halvaei
  • Axel Henningsson
  • Johanna Hjalte
  • Jenny Iao Jörgensen
  • Johan Isaksson-Daun
  • Daria Ivina
  • Therese Johansson
  • Madeleine Jönsson
  • Clemens Klante (absens)
  • Vassily Kornienko
  • Ruben Kuipers
  • Shruti Lalwani
  • Georgios Lamprinakis
  • Frans Libertson
  • Rebecka Lindvall
  • Frida Linehagen
  • Saketh Ram Mamidala
  • Matthias Mayr
  • Misagh Mottaghi
  • Lilian Müller
  • Hampus Månefjord
  • Siri Norlander
  • Peyman Olad
  • Johanna Olofsson
  • Alexander Olsson
  • John Olsson
  • Ellen Palm
  • Haorui Peng
  • Raquel Perruca Foncillas
  • Francesco Pignatelli
  • Henry Pigot
  • Maria Priisalu
  • Sergio Henry Rico Rangel
  • Adrian Roth
  • Lisa Rämisch
  • Yahaya Sani (absens)
  • David Sanned
  • Mikael Sjölin
  • Markus Snellman (absens)
  • Panagiota Stamatoglou
  • Jakob Svensson
  • Hafsa Syed
  • Maria Takman
  • Simon Tallvod
  • Sara Thuresson
  • Kah Yong Tiong (absens)
  • Athanasios Tsintzis (absens)
  • Nils Vreman
  • Niklas Warlin (absens)
  • Niklas Wingren
  • Pei-Yu Wu
  • Xiaoting Xue

Doctor’s hat

The Doctor’s hat symbolises freedom and power. It is covered with black, pleated fabric. The theology hat features a black bow, while the other faculties’ hats have a gold buckle at the front specific to the relevant faculty. LTH's doctoral hat has LTH's former square-triangle-circle emblem.



The ring is made of gold and symbolises loyalty to science. The ring is handed out to all new Doctoral graduates and to the Honorary Doctors. The rings are marked with a symbol specific to the relevant faculty. LTH's Doctoral ring is adorned with a pattern of the triangle and square, and the circle of LTH's former emblem is also printed in the ring's shape. The ring was designed in 1967 by silversmith Birger Pellas when LTH was still an independent university.

En hand med ett diplom.


The diploma was at the outset a written confirmation of the rights awarded to Doctoral graduates. The diplomas distributed to the graduands in the Cathedral are in Latin and carry the University seal. Previously, the diplomas were handed out by a young boy representing the god Apollo. As the graduands became more numerous, the task became overwhelming for a five-year-old so a ceremonial officer took over.