How can I support LTH?

Reward a particularly outstanding engineering student

Each year, LTH rewards one or several engineering students who have presented particularly outstanding degree projects with Faculty of Engineering's Jubilee Award.

One time per academic year, a student is awarded 5 000 SEK, and the award is presented in conjunction with the LTH Graduation Ceremony during the autumn semester.

LTH have high demands on the person who is to be presented with this award. Our assessment is based on the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers' assessment criteria. These criteria are also used when the prestigious Lilla Polhem Prize winner is chosen.

We welcome your support, enabling us to continue awarding the Faculty of Engineering Jubilee Award. All contributions, regardless of size, are meaningful.

Bank giro: 5051-4728
Reference: 107991 Jubileum + name/organisation

Faculty of Engineering's Jubilee fund

Prior to LTH:s 50-year celebration in 2010, an award was established with contributions from both individuals and companies to annually reward the best degree project at the faculty.

For the 60th celebration, we would like to increase the fund so that we can continue rewarding our talented students.

If you would like to make a larger donation, please contact the Development Office.

Eric Hamilton
Senior Development Officer
Phone: +46 46-222 03 41

Research at LTH

Support research at the Faculty of Engineering - for the benefit of society

Some examples of new technologies that have been developed based on reserach at LTH are the medical ultrasound, the inkjet printer, wireless transfer via Bluetooth and health-promoting food such as Proviva and Oatly.

There are more than 800 active researchers at LTH. They are working with both classical engineering subjects as well as in newer areas branching towards medicine, science, environment and design. Overall, the research constitutes 15-20 % of the total engineering research carried out at Swedish universities and higher education institutions.

Information on research at LTH

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