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8 July 2024

A discussion on semiconductors was on the agenda in Almedalen. The dialogue, hosted by LTH at Lund University, addressed how Sweden can contribute to the efforts being made in Europe. One of the conclusions of the discussion was "the crisper the proposal – the more policy influence".

11 June 2024

The collaborative platform Compel is announcing six PhD positions in battery research and electrification, with more on the way. This is a unique opportunity to help shape the future of battery technology.

10 June 2024

Last year, Lund University, in collaboration with Uppsala University and Chalmers, received nearly SEK 50 million from the Swedish government for battery research under the strategic initiative Compel. This initiative is set to receive the same amount annually until 2029, enabling the hiring of researchers and teachers specializing in [...]

27 May 2024

On 17 May, the Energy Transition profile area organised a lunch seminar with colleagues from the Nanoscience and Semiconductor Technology profile area. The aim was to learn more about nanoscience and the work that the profile area does to identify potential collaboration opportunities between the two groups.

27 May 2024

In this interview, we talk to professor and coordinator Olof Samuelsson about the Energy Transition profile area. We discuss the exciting activities currently underway and what we can expect in the autumn regarding research and education.

15 May 2024

The internal combustion engine is a subject that has been described as nasty and outdated. In fact, it is not outdated at all – but an area of cutting-edge research that is an important part of a sustainable energy transition.

1 May 2024

A special government investment is now being made in research and education in electrification and battery technology. This means that Lund University and the Faculty of Engineering, Uppsala University and Chalmers University of Technology will be allocated SEK 270 million over the years 2024-2029. The strategic initiative is part of the [...]

27 March 2024

Reindustrialisation, coastal perspectives, circular construction and carbon capture. The topics addressed by LTH during Sustainability Week 8–13 April include solutions to the climate crisis and how to use the Earth’s resources more carefully. The programme is aimed at everyone who wants to take part in the discussions on the sustainable strategies [...]

19 March 2024

Semiconductors – the “brains” behind electronic products and systems. Whether mobile phones, automotive, energy, home appliances, or artificial intelligence, these components (“chips”) play a key role. At the same time, Asian countries account for more than half of the world’s semiconductor chip production. Swedish semiconductor capability is now [...]

20 February 2024

Everyone is familiar with the frustration that comes when otherwise excellent mobile phone reception suddenly drops out. The moment when all mobile communication becomes impossible. But why does this happen and what is really behind the numbers 3G, 4G, 5G, and the 6G to come?