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27 March 2024

Reindustrialisation, coastal perspectives, circular construction and carbon capture. The topics addressed by LTH during Sustainability Week 8–13 April include solutions to the climate crisis and how to use the Earth’s resources more carefully. The programme is aimed at everyone who wants to take part in the discussions on the sustainable strategies [...]

19 March 2024

Semiconductors – the “brains” behind electronic products and systems. Whether mobile phones, automotive, energy, home appliances, or artificial intelligence, these components (“chips”) play a key role. At the same time, Asian countries account for more than half of the world’s semiconductor chip production. Swedish semiconductor capability is now [...]

20 February 2024

Everyone is familiar with the frustration that comes when otherwise excellent mobile phone reception suddenly drops out. The moment when all mobile communication becomes impossible. But why does this happen and what is really behind the numbers 3G, 4G, 5G, and the 6G to come?

23 January 2024

How well does the Swedish urban environment suit its citizens? Is it welcoming and inclusive, or are there barriers that make life more difficult for citizens? New research from the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) at Lund University, Sweden shows that urban design and the built environment do not always comply with current legislation. However, if [...]

12 January 2024

PhD scholarships dedicated to hydrogen combustion engine technology are now initiated by the Volvo Group in collaboration with two technical universities in Sweden. Two PhD students will conduct their research at Chalmers University of Technology and at LTH, Lund University, while being employed by the Volvo Group. Recruitment will start during the [...]

8 November 2023

Ten researchers within the profile area Engineering Health at the Faculty of Engineering, Lund University, receives grants from the Swedish Research Council (VR), FORMAS, Stiftelsen för Bistånd, and the Future Innovation Award.

26 October 2023

How long does it take to comfort someone? Does an egg need to be fried rather than boiled? Lund University Magazine (LUM) invited home care researchers from the School of Social Work and the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) for a conversation. They are meeting for the first time; their discussions cover stress, responsibility and participation. Their [...]

10 October 2023

All particles that reach the atmosphere cause different chemical reactions. Particles come partly from natural sources such as volcanic eruptions and forest fires, and partly from pollution and emissions. Aerosol researcher Johan Friberg studies particles at high altitudes. He fears that the global increase in forest fires could have a significant [...]

3 October 2023

Professor Anne L’Huillier, Atomic Physics at LTH, has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2023, jointly with Pierre Agostini and Ferenc Krausz  for their experiments, which have given humanity new tools for exploring the world of electrons inside atoms and molecules.

3 October 2023

If we can understand how and why light and matter behave as they do, we are one step closer to solving some of the most fundamental problems in physics. Finding the answers to these questions drives Ville Maisi, Associate Professor of Solid States Physics at NanoLund.