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News | LTH Profile Area: Water

27 March 2024

Reindustrialisation, coastal perspectives, circular construction and carbon capture. The topics addressed by LTH during Sustainability Week 8–13 April include solutions to the climate crisis and how to use the Earth’s resources more carefully. The programme is aimed at everyone who wants to take part in the discussions on the sustainable strategies [...]

21 December 2023

It is half past three in the morning on one of the last nights of October. Storm Babet is raging and most people are trying to sleep through the sound of the wind, but coastal researchers at LTH are wide awake. Strong winds combined with high water levels are a warning sign for communities on the south coast of Skåne, and that’s where the [...]

16 November 2023

A new centre is being established for “strategic metals”– critical raw materials, metals and minerals for key technologies that are important for the green transition. The centre, which is funded by SEK 60 million from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research (SSF), will review possibilities for securing access to important metals and [...]

25 October 2023

The water of the North Sea region is not only affected by climate change, but also by people’s use of water and land in the surroundings. In order to have continued future access to clean water – and a sufficient supply – measures need to be taken immediately. This is shown by the EU project, Blue Transition, in which Lund University participates [...]

19 September 2023

Through an interdisciplinary research project in collaboration with industry, a group of researchers hope to identify a more efficient way of assessing the ground ahead of future construction projects. The results of the research might, for example, accelerate the process of modernising the Swedish rail network.

7 November 2022

The coast is changing. The sea is encroaching further inland, and the shoreline of childhood memory no longer looks the same. Climate change is impacting beaches and the sea, but time is also a factor.

16 November 2022

The Baltic Sea Flood 150 years ago, which swept away entire communities and caused several hundred fatalities, is almost forgotten today. Nonetheless, the Baltic Sea Flood is one of the worst natural disasters ever to strike the southern Baltic Sea. However, using lessons learned from history and new knowledge about storm surges in the wake of [...]

28 June 2022

When you take a dip in a Swedish lake, it is not unusual to find you cannot see the lake bottom. Lake water coloured brown by organic material can be an inconvenience for swimming tourists, but mainly causes problems for the ecosystem and drinking water. Focusing on Lake Bolmen, researchers, public authorities and local organisations are now [...]

2 June 2022

For the first time in two years, Lund University will be in Visby for Almedalen Week. In times of crisis and war, such democratic meeting places are more important than ever.