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News | LTH Profile Area: Engineering Health

1 February 2024

Ten projects in life science, with the aim to develop an academic discovery towards an innovation and a product, receive Proof of Concept funding from Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation in the first call. One of the projects is related to the LTH profile area Engineering health: Novel ultrasound-based method to detect atherosclerotic plaques that [...]

8 November 2023

Ten researchers within the profile area Engineering Health at the Faculty of Engineering, Lund University, receives grants from the Swedish Research Council (VR), FORMAS, Stiftelsen för Bistånd, and the Future Innovation Award.

26 October 2023

How long does it take to comfort someone? Does an egg need to be fried rather than boiled? Lund University Magazine (LUM) invited home care researchers from the School of Social Work and the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) for a conversation. They are meeting for the first time; their discussions cover stress, responsibility and participation. Their [...]

13 September 2023

Around one thousand Swedes could be spared from a hip fracture each year if a new method to identify the risk of osteoporotic fractures were to be introduced in healthcare. This is the view of the researchers at Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering (LTH) who are behind a new 3D-simulation method. The results were recently published in the [...]

7 September 2022

Per Augustsson, Associate Professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering at LTH, Lund University, has been awarded an ERC Proof of Concept Grant for his work on how liquids and cells behave in a sound field.

7 June 2022

Lund University’s Faculty of Engineering, LTH, is now launching profile areas for its collective excellence in research. The areas are interdisciplinary and will contribute to increased collaboration with business and industry as well as wider society. Seven themes form the profile areas: aerosols, circular construction industry, energy transition, [...]

13 May 2022

The risk of being exposed to Covid-19 particles increases with shorter physical distance to a patient, higher patient viral load and poor ventilation. Measurements taken by researchers at Lund University in Sweden of airborne virus in hospitals provide new knowledge about how best to adapt healthcare to reduce the risk of spread of infection. [...]