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11 June 2015

On 22 May 2015, The Faculty of Engineering LTH hosted two graduation ceremonies for approximately 120 graduating Master's and Bachelor's students of engineering and architecture. This is just a small selection of the pictures that were taken throughout the afternoon. You'll find the rest of the pictures on LTH's Facebook page, including pictures [...]

10 June 2015

We’ve just had a few weeks filled with celebrations – graduation ceremonies, the doctoral conferment ceremony, diploma presentations and a range of other events. I have also had the pleasure of opening the architects’ and industrial designers’ exhibitions. It’s hard not to be impressed and feel proud of everything our students and staff have [...]

15 April 2015

LTH’s new management team has now been in place for 100 days, as has the new LU management team. They have been interesting, stimulating and hectic days. The best part has been visiting different sections and departments and seeing everyone’s incredible commitment – that goes for all parts of LTH. There are so many wonderfully exciting things here, [...]

26 March 2015

Every year since 1999, the Master’s students in Industrial Design at Lund University have done what most design students around the world can only dream of – go to NASA in Houston, Texas, USA and study at the Johnson Space Center. There they design products for the most extreme environment – space.

6 March 2015

Researchers from institutions including Lund University have taken a step closer to producing solar fuel using artificial photosynthesis. In a new study, they have successfully tracked the electrons’ rapid transit through a light-converting molecule.

24 February 2015

A group of Lund University students are behind a ’universal remote control’ called Unified Remote, an app that enables you to control your computer with your smart phone. After millions of downloads, they’re now looking at breaking into the the gaming world - by turning your phone into a joystick.

18 February 2015

One is a professional board member and sailing enthusiast who pickles her own herring. The other is dedicated to clarity, owns a pug and writes a book recommendation blog. Together, Charlotta Falvin and Viktor Öwall will lead LTH for the next few years – Charlotta as chair of the board and Viktor as dean.

16 February 2015

A production facility for start-ups in the field of nanotechnology may be built in the Science Village in Lund, a world-class research and innovation village that is also home to ESS, the European Spallation Source. “With this new facility, we want to create the conditions to enable new companies to develop from the R&D phase to full production, [...]

10 February 2015

Time to apply for funding for "Lise Meitner version 2.0: recruitment of visiting professors and adjunct professors of the underrepresented sex at the Faculty of Engineering, LTH." Application deadline: 2015-03-31. For further information please contact Jeffrey Armstrong on 046-222 7103 or email

6 February 2015

Food waste is completely bananas, according to a group of Master’s students in Food Technology at Lund University in Sweden. In fact, a significant amount of the 100 million tonnes of bananas produced annually worldwide is discarded before it even reaches consumers.

13 January 2015

On Saturday 10 January, a prize ceremony was held in Jakarta, Indonesia for the winners of the Blue Bag Water Innovation Award 2015 – a challenge where students from Indonesia could present their own innovative ideas on how to help solve the water problems in Jakarta. The first prize was awared to Alisa Febriani for her idea on a water conservation [...]

9 January 2015

A group of Lund University engineering students have designed a touch-free interface that enables advanced control of digital devices – simply by twisting and tapping an imaginary sphere. WATCH: Virtual sphere that controls your gadgets When Örs-Barna Blénessy and Holger Andersson met at Lund University, they were writing a lab report one day [...]

7 January 2015

Nanowires are the key to making the solar cells of the future much more efficient. Nanotechnology researchers in Lund have spent a couple of billion Swedish crowns over the past 10-15 years on academic and industrial research and development of nanowires. The wires are semiconductor rods developed with specialised technology in research [...]

16 December 2014

 The Faculty of Engineering LTH at Lund University has decided to award the honorary doctorate degrees for 2015 to Martin Gren, founder of Axis; Colin Carlile, previous MD at ESS; and Liesbet Van der Perre, electronics professor from Belgium. ”Martin Gren is a role model for entrepreneurship and leadership. He has, for example, offered numerous [...]

5 December 2014

Edouard Berrocal, a researcher in combustion physics at Lund University, has been awarded one of the most prestigious grants available to young researchers: an ERC Starting Grant. The grant is worth EUR 1.5 million and will enable him to spend the next five years investigating what happens in the crucial moment at the start of combustion when the [...]