23 June 2020

Research for the next generation 5G network is in progress. World unique measuring equipment has been constructed at the Department of Electrical and Information Technology at LTH in cooperation with Ericsson and Sony. The aim is to create a mobile network that is considerably faster and more stable than previously.

25 May 2020

This spring, the Graduation Ceremony will not be what it usually is. But LTH's dean Viktor Öwall would still like to congratulate all who normally would have been in the University Hall's auditorium to receive their diploma. Here you can watch the film or read the speech where Viktor Öwall wishes those who have graduated at LTH the best of luck after their studies.

25 May 2020

There are plenty of protein drinks on the shelves of supermarkets these days. However, a vegan, fermented version made from locally grown field peas is definitely unique. That’s exactly what a group of food technology students came up with for an assignment.

20 May 2020

In research, medicine and industry, different types of lasers have become an increasingly important tool. Particularly in high demand are lasers with very high precision, which is achieved with short pulses. But the shorter the pulses, the more expensive the laser, with the result that these "super lasers" are not so common. Now an international research team has found a way to compress the pulses of conventional industrial lasers - to one hundredth!

8 April 2020

There are supply shortages in medical care. “LTH wants to help. X-Lab is trying to find production managers for protective clothing, not least long-armed aprons in single-use plastic”, says Charlotta Johnsson, vice-dean for collaboration and innovation at LTH.

26 March 2020

Everyone in society is to take responsibility, and we need to help each other where possible. In the current extraordinary situation, voluntary initiatives and ideas have taken off at the Faculty of Engineering, LTH.

26 March 2020

There are many questions concerning the coronavirus and infection prevention that need to be answered as soon as possible. One of the key questions is: Is the coronavirus floating around in the air we breathe? In a few weeks, air samples from coronavirus patient rooms will hopefully have been analysed and possibly provide some clues.

24 March 2020

At the Architectural Gala in Stockholm on March 10, the prestigious Kasper Salin Award was awarded to the renowned climate-smart residential building Brf Viva in Gothenburg.

17 March 2020

The process of establishing a new NanoLab in the immediate vicinity of MAX IV and ESS is moving further as decided by the Board of LTH. The lab – NanoLab Science Village – will be the first step to establishing Lund University’s research operations in Science Village.

17 February 2020

Early detection of diseases is aided by the body’s own nanoparticles. A hot topic among cancer researchers is vesicles, nanoparticles that flow in our veins in their billions and which have proven to hold information on the health status of the body. Now the hope is to be able to capture and decode the messages in the vesicles via a standard blood test.