18 September 2020

Dr Camilla Modéer is one of three persons whom LTH in 2020 has selected for an honorary doctorate. On 28 September you are welcome to listen to her honorary doctorate lecture, in which she will show that attitudes and structures must change, both in academia and business. Universities need to improve scientist's incentives, she will argue.

7 September 2020

If silence is golden, speech is silver – and singing the worst. Singing doesn’t need to be silenced, however, but at the moment the wisest thing is to sing with social distancing in place. The advice comes from aerosol researchers at Lund University in Sweden. They have studied the amount of particles we actually emit when we sing – and by extension – if we contribute to the increased spread of Covid-19 by singing.

26 August 2020

Viktor Öwall, dean of LTH, gives a warm welcome to Lund and LTH in his first blog post for this semester. He writes that he personally is glad to see life on the LTH campus again after a meager and depressing spring semester due to the coronavirus. "I hope you, dear students, will have a wonderful autumn with many new friends and new experiences!", writes Viktor Öwall.

30 July 2020

Extensive power outages and satellite blackouts that affect air travel and the internet are some of the potential consequences of massive solar storms. These storms are believed to be caused by the release of enormous amounts of stored magnetic energy due to changes in the magnetic field of the sun’s outer atmosphere - something that until now has eluded scientists’ direct measurement. Researchers believe this recent discovery could lead to better “space weather” forecasts in the future.

29 July 2020

The technological advancement of fourth-generation synchrotrons, pioneered by MAX IV Laboratory, opens research opportunities that were impossible just a few years ago. In a newly published research paper, we get proof of the revolutionary impact that MAX IV’s photons can have for the advancement of nanoelectronics, both in research and for industrial manufacturers.

15 July 2020

A new way of identifying cancer biomarkers has been developed by researchers at Lund University in Sweden. The new technology allows very sensitive, quick and cost-effective identification of cancer biomarkers. The research is published in Nature Communications Biology.

23 June 2020

Research for the next generation 5G network is in progress. World unique measuring equipment has been constructed at the Department of Electrical and Information Technology at LTH in cooperation with Ericsson and Sony. The aim is to create a mobile network that is considerably faster and more stable than previously.

25 May 2020

This spring, the Graduation Ceremony will not be what it usually is. But LTH's dean Viktor Öwall would still like to congratulate all who normally would have been in the University Hall's auditorium to receive their diploma. Here you can watch the film or read the speech where Viktor Öwall wishes those who have graduated at LTH the best of luck after their studies.

25 May 2020

There are plenty of protein drinks on the shelves of supermarkets these days. However, a vegan, fermented version made from locally grown field peas is definitely unique. That’s exactly what a group of food technology students came up with for an assignment.

20 May 2020

In research, medicine and industry, different types of lasers have become an increasingly important tool. Particularly in high demand are lasers with very high precision, which is achieved with short pulses. But the shorter the pulses, the more expensive the laser, with the result that these "super lasers" are not so common. Now an international research team has found a way to compress the pulses of conventional industrial lasers - to one hundredth!