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Close-up of a modern building. Photo.

Programme overview

During the first two semesters, the students are enrolled as a group in the common Advanced Architectural Design cluster, composed by a design studio course linked to an aligned theory course as well as an additional mandatory (first semester) or elective mandatory course (second semester).The third semester offers the student the opportunity to choose between five different clusters simultaneously with an elective mandatory course.The programme furthermore includes two preparatory research courses as elective mandatory courses of which at least one should be studied during either the second or the third semester. The fourth semester is devoted to the degree project in dialogue with one examinerand one tutor within the School of Architecture, LTH Faculty of Engineering.

The links below will direct you to the course syllabus for each course.  

Semester 1

Semester 2

Together with one mandatory-elective course:

Semester 3

Students study one of the five available tracks together with one mandatory-elective course:

*PLEASE NOTE that is mandatory to study either Architecture as Temporal Landscape in semester 2 or Performing Theories in semester 3

Semester 4

Master degree project in Architecture (AAHM10), 30 credits


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