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Biotechnology - Programme structure


The Master’s programme in Biotechnology is currently undergoing some changes. Below you can find an overview of the preliminary course list for year 2024/2025. This applies to students accepted for study start autumn 2024.
The programme includes two compulsory courses (15 credits), one project course - elective compulsory (15 credits), elective track courses (60 credits) and a degree project (30 credits).

Programme overview

The links below will direct you to Course website LTH and the course syllabus. 

Semester 1

Semester 2-3

  • Project course - elective compulsory (15 credits)
  • Elective track courses (45 credits)

Semester 4

  • Degree project (30 credits)

Elective courses divided by tracks

The purpose of the tracks is to give an orientation among the offered course topics. You can freely choose whether you want to follow a single track (depth) or mix between different tracks (breadth) depending on your interests and career perspectives.

You study a total of 75 credits of elective compulsory/elective courses. 

    Bioprocess Technology track

    Molecular Biotechnology track

    * Compulsory to study one of these two project courses

    General - both tracks

    Additional elective courses might be added for academic year 2024/25.

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