Admission with alternative sources of funding

All doctoral students at LTH must be formally admitted to doctoral (third-cycle) studies. Admission guarantees that the student is automatically insured against occupational injuries while on LTH's premises. It is the policy of LTH that all doctoral students shall be employed through a doctoral studentship. All steps concerning admission are to be completed before the student in question arrives at LTH. Departments at LTH may not guarantee admission, for example, by issuing a Letter of Acceptance, before the student has been formally admitted to doctoral studies, neither may the department inform the Swedish Migration Board (Migrationsverket) that the student has been accepted for doctoral studies before admission has been formalised. Students who have not been formally admitted to doctoral studies may not be entered in the University's personnel database: LUCAT. In certain cases, doctoral studies may be financed by alternative means. Students with other forms of financing shall have access to the same resources, in terms of workplace and supervision, etc., as those employed via a doctoral studentship.

Alternative means of financing 1:

Other forms of employment. The student may be employed by a company (industrial doctoral student) or at another University. In both cases, the student is to be formally admitted as a doctoral student at LTH, ensuring that they are insured whilst on LTH’s premises. A contract is to be drawn up between LTH and the employer in question.  The minimum amount paid to the student is to be equivalent to at least 28% of the price basic amount. 

Alternative means of financing 2:

Doctoral scholarships awarded directly to the student. The department sets up a supplementary scholarship for the student.

Exchange agreements:

Doctoral students from other universities with which LTH has exchange agreements may carry out research at LTH for a period of 3-12 months. The student must be formally admitted to doctoral studies at his or her home university, and is thus not formally admitted to LTH. Exchange agreements are administrated by the International Office at LTH. Agreements are to be signed by the Dean or Deputy of Dean of LTH.

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