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Your study plan status in SoleMove

From early May/November you will be able to log in to SoleMove to check the status of each of the courses you have applied for. 

When looking at your proposed study plan you will be able to see a few different statuses for the courses. They are all listed along with an explanation in the table below. 

ConfirmedYou are eligible and have been given a spot on the course
RejectedYou won't be able to take the course. You are either not eligible or the course is full. 
Waiting listYou are eligible but the course is full. If there is an opening you will get a spot.
PreselectedYou have a spot on the course, but there is a condition to your acceptance, e.g. that you need to pass an additional course before you can be confirmed. 
Waiting action

No admission status has been set. There are a few reasons for why this status has been set:

  1. You have a higher ranked course that you have been Confirmed for. The status won't change unless you request to be Confirmed for a lower ranked course.
  2. The eligibility has not been checked yet. If you don't have a higher ranked option Confirmed the status will change to either Confirmed or Rejected once the eligibility has been checked. 

Waiting action doesn't mean that you need to submit additional information. If we need something from you we will contact you. 


We will always accept you for the highest ranked available and eligible option.

You are responsible for checking that the schedule for your confirmed courses work. For information about schedule generation: Schedule and courses | Student website LTH

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