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The unbelievable speed of electron emission from an atom

In a unique experiment, researchers have clocked how long it takes for an electron to be emitted from an atom. The result is 0.000 000 000 000 000 02 seconds, or 20 billionths of a

Watch: New electric road offers flexible charging

In recent years, electric roads have emerged as potential alternatives to the heavy and expensive batteries currently

Thank you for the LTH Pre-Party!

They were numerable, and they put their soul in organising the LTH Pre-Party. Volunteers from different parts of LTH

Lund Culture Night at LTH — 16 September 2017

Lund Culture Night is a celebration of culture held annually on the third Saturday of September. LTH participates with

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External engagement – on whose terms?

External engagement is part of the life-blood of LTH. We[more]

Jobs of the future

It is time to get back to blogging after the weekend and a[more]

LTH against fact-resistance

Today we see, hear and read a lot about fact-resistance,[more]

Gender equality – not just for show

LTH is one of the faculties at Lund University that is[more]